View Full Version : WELSH PREACHERS - Puleston Jones & Prof Henry Jones

12-03-2006, 6:04 PM
My Welsh great grandmother from Amlwch in Anglesey moved north to Glasgow in 1870. In her later years she wrote fondly of missing a Welsh chapel but remembered attending a Welsh religious service in Renfield St Church Glasgow in 1876 where she first saw "the famous blind preacher, Puleston Jones". Her memories read.." Well I remember him walking in with a bible under his arm and a smile on his face, to preach to us in Welsh". She described Puleston as then being a student at Glasgow University and like Prof Henry Jones, often called on them at home.
Can anyone shed any light??

26-05-2006, 3:40 PM
The famous blind preacher was my great uncle, the Rev Dr John Puleston Jones MA DD (1862-1925), eldest son of Evan Jones of Bala and his wife Mary Ann Puleston of Llanfair DC.

For more information on Evan and his family, see my website www.puleston-jones.com.