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Julie Tyrell
07-03-2006, 11:16 AM
At last I hope I trace a lost grandfather on 1861 scottish census, John Donaldson age 23.

He is listed as living with:

James Nicol - Head - 31 - coal miner - Ireland
Elizabeth " - Wifes - 32- - Lanarkshire, Hamilton
John Donaldson - Wifes son - 12 - coal miner - " "
.....? Mc G.....? - Wifes dau 9 - scholar - " "
Agnes ?? Wifes dau 7 - scholar - " "
James Nicol son 1 " "

What a strange family, If someone can help me read the childrens surnames it may help to track down John's birth, which I am struggling to do,

I can't list the census through photobucket.com as the image is a tif and they dont accept them (this means very little to me!!). So if you can help I will email it to you, thanks

07-03-2006, 4:19 PM
If you quote Piece reference number I am sure that someone will be able to check it out.


Julie Tyrell
07-03-2006, 6:10 PM
The GROS details are: 647/00 016/00 025

thanks Julie

Julie Tyrell
08-03-2006, 6:54 PM
I think I have sort of managed to work out the above names, however,

John Donaldson b. 1848-1850 is shown on the 1861 (previous post) as being born in Hamilton, later when married he is shown coming from Hamilton, but I believe he may have been illegimate.

On his marriage record his parents are shown as James Donaldson and Elizabeth Donaldson (Wright). I can find no record of their marriage or John's birth I have tried Donaldson and Wright and they dont appear on the 1851 census - very frustrating.

The above census appears to indicate that Elizabeth married another man and had 2 daughters. I have found a record of an Elizabeth Wright marrying a Peter McGines in 1850, which could be right, however I can not find any records of the 2 daughters (Roseann ?? and Agnes) being born in Dalziel (as per census), using the Scottishpeople site and IGI. Elizabeth then according to the 1861 census she is now married to James Nicol, has a son but I can find no record of his birth either!!!

Surely it is not possible for a whole family not to be registered??

I have another family were the first 8 children are registered but the last 2 aren't.
Is this common or is it possible that the Scottish records have 'gaps'.