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13-02-2006, 12:44 PM
I've searched through old threads to see if I can find an answer to the following query, but I haven't found exactly what I need to know.

I'm hoping to find some poor law records relating to my g-g-g grandmother, Elizabeth Boys (nee Hastings, later known as Stephens), who, on the 1851 census for Alciston (registration district Lewes, Sussex), is listed as a widow 'receiving parish relief' - she has 5 children living with her at the time.

How do I access old poor law records (if they still exist)? If Elizabeth was receiving poor relief for quite a long period, is it likely to be quite time-consuming to trawl through records?

I'm trying to gauge the time factors involved in a visit to Sussex as I live in North Lincs! Any help would be appreciated.

Best wishes

Peter Goodey
13-02-2006, 1:49 PM
I wouldn't rush down to Sussex if I were you - not for this reason anyway.

According to my notes, no records have survived for the Lewes Union for the period you're interested in.

All they have is the minutes and accounts which are very unlikely to contain anything of genealogical interest (except perhaps in relation to staff).

13-02-2006, 3:10 PM
Thanks, Peter, for letting me know. A bit disappointing, though...hey, ho....

best wishes