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10-02-2006, 5:42 PM
I am researching for my son in law and I need pointing in the right direction.

On the 1851 Census Maria Sackett says she is "Wesleyan Minister's Widow"

She is living with her children in West Street, New Sleaford Lincolnshire HO107/2100 F 325 p 7

I have found a marriage for Edward Sackett in 1843 and as his son is called Edward Gaskell Sackett and there is a Maria Gaskell on the same page - I am waiting for the certificate.
Edward G is one year old on the 1851 census and I have his birth Sept qtr 1849 I just can't find a death of Edward Sackett around that time.

Are there any records of Wesleyan Ministers around that time? I will confess total ignorance of non conformist stuff as most of my own ancestors were either Roman Catholic or Jewish so I need help.


10-02-2006, 9:12 PM
You might try the John Ryland University Library
scroll down until you see the alphabet laid out, then click on 'M' and there are at least a couple of links for methodist records.


mary elms
10-02-2006, 10:36 PM
There's an online index of Methodist ministers - including Wesleyans here -


There's an Edward Sackett who was in the Wesleyan ministry from 1838 to his death in 1850 who appears to fit the bill.

This page will give you ideas of where to look further -


My parents have a copy of Hall's arrangement which lists the Wesleyan circuits and their ministers. I would be very happy to search through it for your bloke next time I'm down there but at the moment that won't be before mid April.


10-02-2006, 11:15 PM
That's just brilliant! Thank you both. I still can't find his death on either free BMD or 1837online There isn't an Edward Sackett who died between 1848 and 1851.

Oh, another question, I have found the two daughters on the 1861 census, they are at a school in Halifax. I haven't found the widow Maria or Edward G yet and I imagine that he would be at school too but he isn't with his sisters because it seems to be girls only - my question is this: Would the son of a Wesleyan Minister be sent to boarding school because of his father's job or would it be because of family money?
My son in law has no idea at all about these ancestors and I intend to give him the information as part of the celebrations of his daughter's first birthday.


mary elms
10-02-2006, 11:46 PM
Methodist ministers were itinerant - moviing roughly every three years - so they often did send their children to boarding school if they could afford it because it gave them continuity in their education. Hall's Arrangement should give you an idea of where he was living when he died assuming that he was still active in the ministry & not retired.


mary elms
11-02-2006, 7:53 AM
It occured to me this morning that there's a potential mix up about sources here. The list on the Methodist archive site is from Hill's Arrangement, which is a n index of ministers with their dates. Hall's Arrangement is a different book. It only contains Wesleyan ministers and is indexed in circuit name order. Each circuit then has a list of the ministers who served there and the dates when they did so. It therefore tells you where each minister lived and worked if you search through.


11-02-2006, 10:33 AM
Will either of these be available in my local library or do I need to find a friendly methodist - I think I know a few <grin>


11-02-2006, 11:32 AM
I'm afraid this one's a bit like the average non-extracted IGI entry ...

You will notice that after marrying Maria Gaskell in 1842 it says "Edward next married Ann Elizabeth Hoplins".
With great faith in eternal life, the year for this is given as 2835, and the Hoplins girl (who, remember, he married *after* he'd married Maria in 1842) is said to have died in 1837!
This could, of course, be the result of someone making a typo, but having such great faith in their typing skills that they didn't bother to check anything before rushing to put it online, and leaving their copy of FTM Blonde Edition to put in the text automatically - a marriage *before* the 1842 one, in 1835, would add up, so it may not be complete lunacy, just atrociously sloppy work.

Anyway, like all those hopeless IGI nutter entries, they *may* have got one thing right - they have Edward dying in 1850, so that agrees, and reckon that he died in Essex.

That *might* help when you're searching the circuits, *if* it's correct - but I did a WHOIS on the site, and the fellow who registered it has a postcode starting SW1P, which is a London postcode, but thinks that he lives in "Westminster, Beds" so I wouldn't bank on it.

mary elms
11-02-2006, 5:44 PM
Will either of these be available in my local library or do I need to find a friendly methodist - I think I know a few <grin>Oh - we do exist! ;) I've never looked for such books in a library Ann but I'm guessing you'll need a friendly Methodist with an interest in history, a tendancy to hoard books passed down from previous generations (hence my parents' copy of Hall's Arrangement), or a tendancy to rescue books that are about to be thrown out when the church cupboards were cleaned (hence some of the other books I own)! Or make a trip to Manchester.


11-02-2006, 8:25 PM
The stuff you have given me is really interesting and I will follow the trail of the marriages - I think the hoplins one must have come before the gaskell one AND according to the GRO index the Gaskell marriage was in Thanet kent district and that includes Margate - and NOT in Yorkshire although two of the children were born there Edward Gaskell Sackett was born in Essex so that fits too. I wonder why I can't find Edward Gaskell on the GRO deaths - unless he is one of those that got missed off.

I could go to manchester actually because my daughter lives in Failsworth so I could go to stay for a day or two and use the time to go and research atthe John Rylands Library - in fact I think it is possible to get a train from failsworth to Oxford road or at least to Victoria so that would be good

Mary thank you so much for all your help. I will be putting your name into the file with the information so that my daughter and family will know who helped.


mary elms
11-02-2006, 8:54 PM
You're welcome. Like most other people on this site I enjoy sharing information & like Myth & Geoffers I enjoy a puzzle.

I've just been looking at the Methodist Archive site notes on Hill's arrangement (I wish their names had been a bit more different !!!!) and I notice that it says that it was begun in 1819 & contained the ministers' dates of service and stations. I'm told it doesn't have a lot of detail for the earlier ministers but since 1838 is after the beginning date it's possible that the 1968 edition contains a list of all Edward Sackett's ministerial appointments (stations). If it does then that would be the best place to start as it would save a lot of man (or in this case woman) hours of searching through the circuits looking for your name!

Good Hunting!