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02-02-2006, 2:33 AM
Hi all

I haven't visited these boards for a while as I've been a busy bunny. This thread caught my eye because a friend had 2 photo's handed down to him from his gran of some Dorset Crimean veterans. He had previously contacted someone about this and the photos had been used in an exhibition. There was not apparently much information about these men and he was intrigued so I did some research for him which came up with some interesting information.

I have information on Thomas WARR and Michael CRATE mostly but other names are mentioned, another specific to Dorset is Alfred WYBORN, these are articles from Dorset papers and are very interesting reading. Some of it is transcribed and some handwritten; if anyone would like copies I'd be quite happy to pass them on. I've also traced Thomas WARR and his family a little, his birth and baptism, his marriage and death etc which adds to it all and gives me quite a complete life story of a Crimean Veteran.

Here is a bit of a quote from one...
(you'll have to excuse my question marks and so on, my military history isn't great!)

The National Reserve movement with its church parades and business and social gatherings has latterly brought our old hero’s out into the limelight, which, figuratively has kindled with new lustre their hardly-won medals, but too many veterans have, alas to complain that in the course of the years since they first received them, lost, stolen or strayed in the phrases applied to their medals. This was the case with the later Mr Franky Treeves of Broadmayne, armourer mate aboard Commodore Napier’s _____ revenge at the bombardment of Adre(?) in 1840. His grandchildren, one day, tied his coveted medal round the cat’s neck and Penny, in the garden or fields soon diverted herself of the undesired ornament which was never recovered. Such was the same of Private Michael Crate of Lester Court, Mill Street, who enlisting in 1850 in the Bengal fusiliers, in the service of John Company fought at Pegu(?) in the Rangoon campaign in 1852 and was severely wounded at the storming of Delhi in 1857. Recently thanks to the kind interest of Major Stephen Willcock, ex regimental Sergeant Major Sloane, - the mayor of Dorchester (Mr Joseph Porter) and several members of the National Reserve who subscribed to the cost. Old Mr Crate was presented with duplicate medals to take the place of those that were stolen from him years ago. Now the same kindly office has been done for ex-trooper Thomas Warr of the 11th Hussars who rode in the charge of the Light Calvary Brigade at Balaclava in October 1854...

Lawrence W. Crider
04-06-2006, 7:05 PM
I would love any info you have on Thomas Warr.

Here is what is included about him in my book:

☼ Warr, Pte Thomas, (1481), 11th H (p186)
Bn 08-28-30 in Grove Buildings, Dorchester. Enl 08-06-50 in London. In Conf 01-18 thru 01-20-54; at Kilkenny 2nd
Mstr [54-1-5]. In Conf 05-04 thru 05-07-54 ; at sea 2nd Mstr; at Devna 3rd Mstr [54-2-5]. In Conf 07-07 thru 07-13-54
[54-3-5]. Rode in Charge [LW]; horse wounded. Troop Cook 1st Mstr & Letter duty 3rd Mstr [55-1-5] & all 3 Mstrs [55-2-
5]. At Baidar 1st Mstr [55-3-5]. Det 2nd & 3rd Mstrs [55-4-5]. Det in Crimea all 3 Mstrs [56-1-5]. W/ Svc Trps entire
period [54-1 to 56-1]. Medal [394/401] w/ A [394/401], B [410], I [394/401], & S [421] Clasps. Dc 08-26-62. Member
BCS 1877 [GM 41]. Died 06-15-1916 at 16 Dagmar Terrace [now Dagmar Road] Dorchester. Buried 06-20-1916 in
Fordington Cemetery, Dorchester. Bio: Warr lost his Crimean War Medal in 1863 & was issued a duplicate by the
War Office which was presented to him by the Mayor of Dorchester on January 23, 1913. See XI Hussar Journal,
09-1916 for his portrait & obit. LN shown as “War” [54-1-5].

Any additional information would be gratefully received,

Lawrence W. Crider
Author, In Search of the Light Brigade
Editor, the War Correspondent

15-12-2007, 9:20 PM
On the 25th October (Balaklava Day) 2006 a plaque was unveiled to the memory of Pvt. Thomas Warr, 11th Hussars, at Fordington Church Cemetery, Dorchester.
Also a headstone was laid on Pvt. Warr's unmarked grave.

If you would like photo's of the ceremony please contact me.

17-12-2007, 12:57 AM

Thanks for offering, I was one of the people that participated, after I posted the message I came into contact with Peter Metcalfe and Paul Gawler, Paul is in the Buffs with my father in law... anyway! I read the eulogy in St Peter's that day. If you have any other photos I'd love to know as I lost a lot of mine to a corrupt CD!


18-08-2008, 10:52 AM

Here's hoping that you are still using the boards, as I'm very interested in what you have on Michael Crate.

I'm researching a cousin's family tree and he would be their great-great grandfather.

Many thanks,


10-03-2009, 4:24 AM
Hi I am new to all this but here goes. I am looking for any info on SAMUEL KNIGHT MARSHALL who was born in 1834 and went to sea at the age of 12yrs.He is said to have been in the Merchant Navy but we are unsure if that is right. He served on a Transport conveying Troops and Provisions to the Crimean War. He was at Balaclava the day after the Charge of the Light Brigade. When the war was over, he came to Australia. Any help would be appreciated Thank You Val