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30-01-2006, 10:15 AM
Hi all,

Thanks to the wonderful help I received from some of you to help me get William Jordan's marriage certificate, I now have a copy of it. Very surprised with how quickly it arrived from the Uk to Australia!

I now know that William Jordan, who married Emma Timpson on 17th July 1845 at Portsmouth, was a cork cutter (though he later became a bricklayer and mason) and his father's name was James (or I am assuming that, as his name is listed with a Ja - and a small underlined s) and his father's occupation was a carpenter. I also found through the birth certificate of one of his children, that William was born in Middlesex around 1823.

I have no idea how to use this information to go back further with my ancestors. Can anyone help?



30-01-2006, 5:40 PM
You may already have done this but, in your shoes I'd try to find William and Emma in the 1851 census to find their birthplaces.

With William's birthplace, I'd then check the parish registers for his baptism there.


30-01-2006, 8:35 PM
Unfortunately, they both emigrated to Australia in 1848. I have been unable to find them anywhere else.

30-01-2006, 8:57 PM
"they both emigrated to Australia in 1848"

Dashed inconsiderate of them

Could any witnesses to the marriage have been related?

With a name and occupation, can you locate William's dad in a census (or directory)?

Parents often named children after themselves/parents. I've just searched the 1861 census index for a James Jordan who was a carpenter, four hits one of whom was aged 39 and in Pancras RD (the others were in St.Albans, Warwick and Rugby). It might be worth paying to view the chap in Pancras to see his place of birth and if that leads anywhere?

In case James had retired, try searching for James JORDANs living in Middlesex in 1851 or 1861 census to see what hits you get. Is it a manageable number to check out, or are there loads?


30-01-2006, 9:13 PM
part 2....

I also wonder why a chap from Middlessex would want to move to Portsmouth and when. Maybe search Portsmouth Census returns for a James Jordan, carpenter in 1851?

Portsmouth - major RN base, try a search of TNA's online catalogue, enter a name in the first field and in the department or series code, enter ADM29

Does William's marriage certificate give an age, or just note 'full age'?

If James was a carpenter, it's a fair bet he was apprenticed - but where and when? If you can find James in a census so that you have an age and birthplace, you might get some information, depending on when he was born.


31-01-2006, 11:13 AM
That sounds like a good idea. I will have a look at the census and see if I turn up. Also, good idea checking out the other James who may be a brother of William. I will give it a go.
I know what you mean about them emigrating to Australia in 1848! Makes things very difficult.