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23-10-2004, 8:02 AM

I am looking for any information on some FERNYHOUGH clergy in North Staffs during the late 1700s and early 1800s.

The Revd William FERNYHOUGH was a minister in Stoke-upon-Trent, he died in 1782. It also appears that there was a curate Rev Wm. FERN(E)YHOUGH. According to the Stoke Parish Registers:

"Thos. Yeoman, A.M. succeeded the Rev. W. Fernyhough as Curate of this
parish on Midsummer Day, 24 Jun 1803 Rev W. Robinson, Rector".

However, at end of 1804 Burials section of the register is written "150 Burials in 1804. Wm. Fernyhough, Curate." And it seems he was witnessing marriages in 1809.

There is a note in the Bucknall-cum-Bagnall registers at the end of 1806:

"These entries are entered at the end of Register, copied in by the Rev.
FERNYHOUGH, Minister, under 1805. -- The 5 has undoubtedly been some
other figure."

Could this be the curate from Stoke?

There was also a Thomas FERNYHOUGH, who was the vicar of St Giles in Newcastle-under-Lyme, STS in the 1700s. . . .


a John FERNYHOUGH became curate at St Giles, in c. 1760.

I believe that John is the son of Thomas.

I would appreciate any info on the above.

Many thanks,

Steve B