Family Medical Records

Family Medical Records

family medical records

Medical records are an excellent source of information that can tell us a lot about our ancestors’ lifestyle. Having said that, as they are confidential documents, they are difficult to get a hold of; not only are they confidential, but hospitals would have closed, merged, been taken over and changed names. So depending on policies, some records might not be able to get a hold of.

Medical Information on Records

Normally, early hospital medical records would include a plethora of information about the patient including: their name, age, the patient’s birthplace, date of admission, illness or disease as well as date of discharge or death.

With this information, you can gather the age of death (if applicable), the cause of death (if applicable) as well as discover if there are any common illnesses throughout the family. Information like this isn’t necessarily vital to the expansion of your genealogy adventure, however, it is definitely interesting to learn about your ancestors.

How to apply Medical Information to your Research

Applying the medical information that you discover may seem difficult at first, but with more experience comes more efficient searching and application. From the medical information, you can place a hereditary illness in the family, work out where your ancestor was born, the year of their death (allowing you to create a timeline of their life, depending on other information), you can learn what happened to the family after a death (if applicable) and see how they reacted, if there were more children with a different father etc. If this is the case, you have just expanded your family tree in itself.

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