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The names of Blackadder, Darling, Lieutenant George and Baldrick will be familiar to people nationwide thanks to the BBC’s Blackadder series. But they may be surprised to learn that the characters, originally invented by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson, really did exist. Specialist military genealogy website Forces War Records has the proof. To mark the…
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why you shouldn't give up on genealogy

Can you give up with being a genealogist?

Being a genealogist can take up a lot of your time. As you find out more about your history, it means that you could be one step closer to the end of your journey, right? It is a big decision whether you stop your journey or continue, you feel like you could be running dry…
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british birth certificate search

Certificates – Birth

Certificates are usually the legal document clarifying when a milestone occurs in a person’s life. When they are born, they get a certificate, when they are married, they get a certificate and when they die (you guessed it) they get a certificate. These are important pieces of information as they are all you need to…
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british genealogy blog

Blogging on B-G is good!

I really wasn’t sure about this new-fangled look to our beloved Brit-Gen. I had some difficulty getting in here because of the upgrade and it was quite a shock when I did arrive and discovered that it was so, so……pale. Now I am aclimatising or as my lovely American soul sister says aclimating and as…
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