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improve your genealogy productivity

How to improve Genealogy productivity?

Researching your family history online is a long and daunting task. It can take up to days to find one piece of information. But it is also important to keep in mind how far you have come as well. If you feel you aren’t getting anywhere, or you’re not making the progress at the speed…
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genealogy research tips

Genealogy Research Tips

We have previously posted about useful genealogy research tips for beginners however, even our most seasoned of genealogists need help from time to time. With that being said, we have mustered up some of what we think are the most useful tips when it comes to genealogy research. Break through the Brick Walls Brick walls…
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genealogy for beginners

Genealogy Beginners

Everyone has to start from somewhere when it comes to starting the search that is their family tree. All of the ‘experts’ that you see today were once at the same stage you are currently at right now! It is an exciting time as you begin your ancestry adventure, however it is no easy task.…
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genealogy research learning the ropes

Learning the Ropes

I am passionate about genealogy. Some may say addicted. I don’t mind, I just continue to do my own thing, and ignore the comments, raised eyebrows, and total lack of interest by my friends and families. They just don’t know what they are missing. I have searched for my English ancestors in the past, but…
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family criminal history research

Black Sheeps

No don’t worry, a sheep is not your long lost cousin, nor is a sheep your great great great uncle. A ‘Black Sheep’ is when one of your ancestors was sent to prison or possesses a criminal record. Now normally, to be related to a criminal in the present day isn’t the most of exciting…
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Brickwalls: How to get past them?

‘Brickwall’ is a genealogical term meaning that you have hit a dead-end when it comes to your genealogical research; for whatever reason that may be. It is very easy to be intimidated by this but it is vital that you do not give up when you hit one (everyone hits one at some point). We…
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