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find your ancestry fixed price research

How good are you at finding things?

This article first appeared in the Gwent FHS Journal for June 2014. It is reproduced here with the consent of the Editor of that Journal and the author of the article How good are you at finding things on this here intarwebby? Really? I am useless, absolutely useless. I have lost count of the number…
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improve your genealogy productivity

How to improve Genealogy productivity?

Researching your family history online is a long and daunting task. It can take up to days to find one piece of information. But it is also important to keep in mind how far you have come as well. If you feel you aren’t getting anywhere, or you’re not making the progress at the speed…
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family medical records

Family Medical Records

Medical records are an excellent source of information that can tell us a lot about our ancestors’ lifestyle. Having said that, as they are confidential documents, they are difficult to get a hold of; not only are they confidential, but hospitals would have closed, merged, been taken over and changed names. So depending on policies,…
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genealogy acronyms and abbreviations

Acronyms and Abbreviations

If you are new to the genealogical way of life, there is a lot of vocabulary and terminology that you may not know. It doesn’t help that us genealogists are lazy either! Because of this, we have dulled down a vast amount of our vocabulary into acronyms and abbreviations, just so we don’t have to…
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apprenticeship indenture records

Apprenticeship Indenture Records

The concept of apprenticeships have been around since the Middle Ages; an expert craftsman takes on a young worker in exchange for food, lodging and, as times have developed, money. When stamp duty was payable on indentures of apprenticeships, the official records of apprentices were kept in England and Wales between 1710 and 1811. You…
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genealogy school records

Genealogy School Records

Schools are a primary source for genealogists. Almost all of the school registers will have records of the children who attended; these records will include important information such as date of birth, the address, the name and occupation of the parent/guardian, the name of the previous school attended and sometimes the reason for leaving (if…
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dating historic photographs

Dating Photographs

Despite photographs existing for the past 200 years or so, they still hold great information about your ancestors, even if you didn’t know it! You could have had a photo in your storage somewhere that could unlock an entire new branch, potentially anyway. A beautiful aspect of photographs is that they enable you to already…
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historic policemen records

Policemen Records

If you had an ancestor who was part of the police force, then they will have their own police file. With the first modern police force being the Metropolitan Police Force, which was created in 1829. Nearly all of the police staff records outline the officers: Name Rank Warrant number Division Dates of appointment and…
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library books for genealogy research

Online Genealogy vs Library Books

With the horizon of the development of technology never in site, it is apparent that online genealogy is becoming not only the more favoured method of research, but also the more convenient way. With the whole of history at a few clicks of a button, it is no wonder that the use of libraries is…
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world war 1 records

World War 1 Records

With the size and scale of World War 1 taking its toll on all countries involved, let us not forget the individuals who sacrificed their lives for their country. Due to the severity and escalation, many soldiers were forced to join the army so that there were enough soldiers to compete with the Germans and…
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