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Black Sheeps

No don’t worry, a sheep is not your long lost cousin, nor is a sheep your great great great uncle. A ‘Black Sheep’ is when one of your ancestors was sent to prison or possesses a criminal record. Now normally, to be related to a criminal in the present day isn’t the most of exciting…
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Oh go on then…

Anyone who knows me in person knows that I avoid social networks and blogs. It’s not because I’m antisocial but because I know that the majority of people simply aren’t interested in genealogy. Which is pretty much all I talk about these days! 😎 That’s a different story here. Everyone here is “into” genealogy in…
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world war 1 records

World War 1 Records

With the size and scale of World War 1 taking its toll on all countries involved, let us not forget the individuals who sacrificed their lives for their country. Due to the severity and escalation, many soldiers were forced to join the army so that there were enough soldiers to compete with the Germans and…
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Surname Interests

Surnames are the entire reason as to why you are on your genealogy search. You want to know all about your surname and where you came from, who your ancestors were and what they did to represent the very surname you carry. Sometimes we find information that doesn’t relate to our own surnames, but being…
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divorce record search

Divorce Record Search

When conducting your genealogy research, some of your ancestors may have gone through a divorce within their lifetime. This means that there could be many undiscovered branches of your tree. Finding out that your ancestors went through a divorce could be an excellent source of expanding your family tree. Where to Find Divorce Records There…
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probate and wills research

The Importance of Wills

A will is a legal document that contains a person’s wishes regarding giving ownership to their properties after they pass away. Wills are an excellent piece of documentation to find as they can tell you more about the possessions of your ancestors and who inherited which items. Wills usually provide the following information: Items inherited…
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how to best organise genealogy information

How to best organise Genealogy Information

Organising all of your genealogy information can become tricky as you start to accumulate more and more data. So it is important that you have one central database for all of your information which can be easily added too as well as easily understood. This is vital for your progression in your genealogy search as…
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Brickwalls: How to get past them?

‘Brickwall’ is a genealogical term meaning that you have hit a dead-end when it comes to your genealogical research; for whatever reason that may be. It is very easy to be intimidated by this but it is vital that you do not give up when you hit one (everyone hits one at some point). We…
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Hodgepodge of ancestry

I am a mutt genealogically speaking. Though I subscribe to the belief in canine’s, mutt’s are sometimes the best, prettiest, and healthiest of the animal, I am not so sure about the human correlation. I am a rather proud mutt, but my family history is a varied mixture of heritage that makes me envy those…
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Serendipity in family history research

One of the things I think has been the greatest help to my research has been membership of family history societies, mailing lists and this forum. After I received the information about John and Sarah Nathan living on London Road Southwark – remember that the 1881 census was the only one transcribed at this time…
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