World War 1 Records

With the size and scale of World War 1 taking its toll on all countries involved, let us not forget the individuals who sacrificed their lives for their country. Due to the severity and escalation, many soldiers were forced to join the army so that there were enough soldiers to compete with the Germans and their allies.

Because of this, a lot of our grandparents and great grandparents were a part of the war making it that much more personal for us. A lot of initial genealogy is started in WW1 as those seek to discover if they had an ancestor fighting for their country. As genealogists, we find World War 1 rejuvenating knowing that our ancestors risked their lives for their country and made it back home.

World War 1 Records

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A great place to access war records are at our good friends Forces War Records. With millions of documents to be accessed, why not see if you can find what you are looking for over there?

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