Why make Records?

In the modern day, we can take records for granted. With the help of technology, we have access to all of history at the few clicks of a button. However, back in ‘those days’ technology wasn’t around to make documentations of records we were looking for. Usually, an important event was marked on stone because that was thought to be the most durable material around. Gravestones are a prime example of this, but as you may have seen, gravestones wear away through various methods. Rain, wind, frost, vandalism, refurbishment of the land all contribute to the destruction of the inscriptions on them.

The phrase ‘etched in stone’ is used to denote permanence. But for recording monumental inscriptions, the fallacy of this statement is evident. For stone is not permanent and the inscriptions even less so. This is why it was important to make records as stone is not the permanent answer.

Records of History

It is sad to think that current generations not only don’t know where their grandparents are buried, but they don’t actually need to visit them. They have all the information they need on their desk at home. It would save them the hassle of actually visiting the churchyard and if they were to pay a visit to their local churchyard, they may not even be able to read what is on the gravestone, meaning that the person’s life is forgotten.

Gravestones are actually a valuable resource. They usually contain their relationships, whether that be a ‘loving father, caring mother, lovable brother’ etc. as well as their spouse and children. This can help put them into the family tree and also may lead to new branches being searched.

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If you believe that your ancestors are buried in a place you are unable to access and you can’t visit their gravestone, then you can sign up for a free account on https://www.british-genealogy.com/ which can allow you to post into the forum asking for help from someone in that local area. Maybe they can visit the gravestone on your behalf? If not, there should be a record out there for your ancestor. After all, stone doesn’t last forever.