Which family history software is best for you?

If you’ve started searching for your family’s roots via free sites and family genealogy forums you’re probably already hooked and could be looking for the best way to store and record your findings.

We have written this quick guide to steer you in the right direction so you choose the family history software that most suits your needs.

So how do you know if the family tree software is suitable? Answer a few of these simple questions to find out:


Is price more important than functionality? Most people will want to start-off with a free or trial subscription to a genealogy service in order to get a feel for it and make sure it’s right for them. Some packages even offer ‘Lite’ or entry level versions but remember these packages may be limited in functionality, when you subscribe to such software you are paying for the ongoing support and development of the product, ultimately making it better for you!


Will you be completing your family research on the same home or office computer and only need a desktop version of your research? Or would you prefer to able to access your files from any computer with a browser and internet connection? A lot of family history software uses cloud stored web platforms making access and storage a lot simpler.

Sharing and presentation

Will you want to share your family tree research, and if so how? Check which software allows you to print your family tree, share it via email or publish it to social media or websites.

There are many options out there for all budding genealogists and ancestor searchers. Once you have a better idea of what YOU want from your future software you will be able to make a more informed choice on which one is best for you.

Top choices from the web

Legacy family tree software – www.legacyfamilytree.com

Roots magic UK family history software – www.rootsmagic.co.uk

Genealogical software for windows – www.ancquest.com

The Master Genealogist UK edition – www.whollygenes.com