Ogilby's Road Maps - 1675
Ogilby’s Road Maps – 1675
Maps are one of the most valuable tools for historians and genealogists. Some of the CDs that we produce are of maps only, or are gazetteers and atlases that contain maps.

One of the most fascinating aspects of family history is to look at the spheres of influence of market towns and which villages in the surrounding areas they served. Those things had an influence on the ways that our ancestors behaved, just as they do today in fact.

Street Maps

Sometimes we are fortunate to find street maps of towns, and some of those in the collection of CD books date back as early as the 1600s… right through to street maps of towns of the 20th century. These are a “must” to include in your family history file.

Another really interesting series of maps are the old road maps. What was the route taken by your ancestors when they moved or travelled to another place. Old road maps are available in book form from as early as 1675!

Maps can be purchased online at the Parish Chest.