Littledean Prison – Inmate Information

Littledean prison is based in Gloucestershire and was ahead of its time when it was first constructed in 1791. It was host to a number of inmates with crimes ranging from petty theft to murder. Ironically, it could be argued that life was better on the inside at Littledean; guaranteed food, a place to sleep and some form of education. Some of the inmates were as young as 16 years old, and there have been tales of 8 year olds being incarcerated and whipped with a birch and a cat of nine tails.

Littledean Prisoners in 1851

Now used as a tourist attraction, Littledean prison used to host some dangerous criminals. Some of the prisoners and occupants can be found below, with some basic information about them:

Occupants in the 1851 Census

Age       Status                 Occupation         Birthplace

SHEPHERD Thomas         28           Head M               Governor            Almondsbury

Maria                                  28           Wife M                Matron                Coleford

Edwin                                   4              Son                      Scholar                Newnham

Thomas                              2              Son                      Scholar                 Little Dean

Sarah Jane                        1              Dau                                                      Little Dean

BOSWORTH William       45           Serv                     Turnkey               Orton, Notts

BEARD Edward                36           Serv                     Turnkey               Little Dean



Name                                    Age        Status   Occupation         Birthplace

BULLOCK Prudence         19           U            Ag. Lab                Longhope

CARPENTER William         21           U            Ag. Lab                Elmore

CREED William                  17           U            Blacksmith         Pembroke

DAVIS Charles                   43           M           Sawyer                Dymock

EVANS Henry                    20           U            Ag. Lab C            Hepstow

GREENOUGH Richard     18           U            Coal Miner         Gloucester City

HAILE George                   18           U            Ag. Lab                Lea

HAILE Thomas                  57           M           Ag. Lab                Newent

HART Mary                        18           U            Labourer             Longhope

HOR John                           20           U            Ag. Lab                Cholbrook, Bucks

JONES John                        51           Wid       Waterman         Framilode

JONES Thomas                 21           U            Sawyer                Hartpury

KILFORD Cornelius           38           M           Nailer                  Little Dean

MCTILAGH Shanty           26           U            Vagrant               Scotland

NICHOLS Samuel              17           U            Ag. Lab                Gloucester City

ROBERTS Ann                   16           U            Servant               Ruardean

ROBINS Henry                  25           U            Coal Miner         Weston, Herefordshire

STEEL Samuel                   19           U            Ag. Lab                Coleford

WATKINS George             19           U            Ag. Lab                Monmouth


From the table, you can see that the prisoners ranged in age and occupation. Coming from Scotland, the local area and other locations around England, Littledean was seen as the most up-to-date, revolutionary House of Correction of its time. Do any of these names help you in your search?

More Information on Littledean Prison

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