Latin Names & Abbreviations

When people search a database, they will be searching for example, for the first name “William” rather than Gulielmus, etc.

Therefore we must standardise the input of first names to a modern form.

Note that Latin names were not used in every-day speech. They were only used in the written form.

The every-day speech form (“spoken” in the table below) was essentially the same as we use it today. The Margaretae Simpson of old didn’t shout “Bartolomaeus… get in here for dinner!”

When transcribing parish registers from Latin, use the spoken form. That is what people will be looking for when they search a database.

This is not a definitive total list.

Latin Spoken Notes
Adamus Adam
Adria Audrey
Adria Adrian Shortened form, also Hadrian
Adrianus Adrian also Hadrian
Aegidius Giles Male form
Aemilius Emlyn Welsh form
Aeneas Angus Scottish form
Agneta Agnes
Alannus Alan Sometimes Alannus
Alicia Alice
Alianora Eleanor
Alitia Alice
Aloysius Lewis (Irish)
Aloysius Llewelyn (Welsh)
Amabilia Mabel
Ambrosius Ambrose
Ambrosius Emrys (Welsh form)
Amia Amy
Amica Ames (No longer in use)
Andreas Andrew
Anna Ann
Antonius Anthony
Arcturus Arthur
Arturus Arthur
Audria Audrey
Avicia Avice
Barnabas Barnabas
Barnabus Barnaby
Bartolomaeus Bartholomew
Beatrix Betteris (Note not Beatrice, which is 19C)
Benedictus Bennet
Benedictus Benedict Can be either
Beniaminus Benjamin (i = j)
Brigitta Bridget Irish is Bridie
Caecilia Cecily Also Cisley, Cicil. (Not Cecilia 19C)
Caelia Celia Irish Sheila, Sile
Caritas Charity
Carolus Carol
Catalina Catherine
Catherina Katherine Welsh Caitlin
Cecilia Cecily (Not Cecilia 19C)
Christiana Christian Also written Xtiana in Latin. (Christina is modern late 19C)
Christopherus Christopher Also written Xtopherus or Xtopher
Clemens Clement Male
Clementia Clemency Female
Coelia Celia
Constantia Constance Female
Constans Constant Male
Constantius Constant Male
Cornelius Cornelius
Crispianus Crispian Also written Xpianus
Christoverus Christopher Also written Xtoverus
Cutbartus Cuthbert
Cudburdus Cuthbert
Cuthbertus Cuthbert
Danielis Daniel
Davidus David
Diana Diana
Dionysia Denise Female, strictly Denis
Dionysius Dennis Male, strictly Dennis
Dorothea Dorothy
Dulcia Dowse Not Dulcie, which is late 1800s
Edmondus Edmund
Edrus Edward Abbreviation of Edwardus
Edwardus Edward
Egidia Giles Female
Egidius Giles Male
Elena Ellen
Eleanora Eleanor Can also be Ellen
Elinora Eleanor Can also be Ellen
Eliza Elizabeth (abbr. form)
Elizabeta Elizabeth
Emma Emme Also Em, but not Emma which was revived 1800s
Emmota Emmott “Little Emme”
Ethelreda Audrey
Eugenius Eugene In Wales, Owen; in Scotland, Ewen
Eusebius Eusaby
Eustachius Eustace
Eva Eve
Ezekius Hezekiah
Ezekielis Ezekiel
Felicia Phillis
Felix Felix Male
Ferdinandus Ferdinando Not Ferdinand, but similar name
Fida Faith
Fedilia Troth
Florens Florence Male
Franciscus Francis Male
Francisca Frances Female (sometimes wrongly used as m.)
Fridericus Frederick Sometimes spelled Federicus
Galfridus Geoffrey May mean Godfrey
Gaufridus Geoffrey May mean Godfrey
Gartruda Gertrude
Gasparus Jasper
Gatharuda Gertrude
Georgius George
Giraldus Gerald
Girardus Gerald
Gorgius George
Gratia Grace
Griselda Grizzel Revived 1800s
Gualcherius Walter
Gualterius Walter
Guido Guy
Guinevra Winifred In Wales: Gwyneth, Jennifer
Guglielmus William
Gulielmus William
Guillelminus Willemin
Guillemota Wilmot Female, common in Devon & Cornwall
Hadrianus Adrian
Hannor Hannah
Hannoria Hannah
Helena Helen But also Ellen, Elinor
Hericus Harry Also Henry?
Henricus Henry
Hierimia(s) Jeremiah
Hieronimus Jerome (Also Jeremy, Jeronimo)
Homfridus Humphrey
Honfridus Humphrey
Honoria Honor
Hugo Hugh
Ioannes John
Isabella Isabel
Isaakus Izaak
Ishachus Izaac
Jabus James Abbr. of Jacobus = James
Jacobus James
Jacoba James
Jana Jane Wales: Sian
Janetta Janet
Jeremia Jeremiah (Jeremy)
Jerominus Jerome
Jno. John Abbr. of Johannes; not Jonathan. It is always John.
Joanna Joan
Johanna Joan Wales: Sian
Joannes John
Johannes John Wales: Evan
Johes John
Josephus Joseph
Josias Josiah
Josua Joshua
Judia Judy
Juditta Judith
Juliana Gillian (Jill)
Julianus Julian Male
Katalina Katherine
Katharina Katherine
Laura Lore (Not Laura, which is 19C)
Laurentius Lawrence
Lennardus Leonard
Leonardus Leonard
Leolinus Llewelyn Wales
Lucas Luke
Lucias Luke
Lucia Lucy
Ludovicus Louis (Not Ludovic which is late 1800s)
Marcus Mark
Maria Mary
Marianna Mary Ann
Marina Marina
Martinus Martin
Matilda Maud (Not Matilda as modern use)
Mattheus Matthew
Matthias Matthew
Matthia Martha
Martha Martha
Mauritius Maurice
Micaelis Michael
Mycaelis Michael
Misericordia Mercy
Nicholas Nicholas
Nicholaus Nicholas
Octavius Octavius (Eighth son)
Offylus Theophilus
Oliverus Oliver
Ollaferus Oliver
Omfridus Humphrey
Onfridus Humphrey
Onoria Honor
Patentia Patience
Patricus Patrick
Peregrinus Peregrine
Petronella Parnel Female
Petrus Peter
Philippa Philip Female (she would be called Philip)
Philipus Philip Male
Phillida Phillis Female
Phillipus Philip Male
Phineas Phineas
Placentia Pleasant
Radolphus Ralph
Ranulphus Ranulf
Randulphus Randolph But Randall in Shropshire & Cheshire
Reginaldus Reynell Not Reginald which is 1800s
Ric. Richard Abbreviation
Ricardus Richard
Richdus Richard Abbreviation
Richardus Richard
Ricus Rhys In Wales
Ricus. Richard Abbreviation of Richardus. Care here!
Robertus Robert
Rogerus Roger
Rosa Rose
Rosamunda Rosamund
Rosamundi Rosamund
Scientia Sense Female
Septimus Septimus (Seventh son)
Sextus Sextus (Sixth son)
Sibylla Sibyl
Spes Hope
Stephanus Stephen
Sylvanus Sylvanus
Terentius Terrence
Thoma Thomas
Thomas Thomas
Tomas Thomas
Thomasina Tamsin Female. (sometimes Tomsin in use)
Timotheus Timothy
Tobias Toby
Umfridus Humphrey
Ursula Ursula Sometimes called Ursley in use
Wido Guy (See Guido)
Willielmus William (Illiterate written form of Gulielmus)
Wilmota Wilmot Female, common in Devon & Cornwall
Xpianus Crispian Note that it was very common indeed
Xpofer Christopher To write “Christ” as “X” (a cross)
Xtianus Christian Xmas is not a modern abbreviation.
Xtopher Christopher It was always written that way!
Xtopherus Christopher

With the abbreviations of names thoroughly memorised, share your wisdom with the forum as there may be some genealogists who are struggling to decipher records! All you have to do is sign up and comment away!