First Names & Abbreviations

Old documents contain lots of names which are shortened, or ones which are no longer in use.

(This is not a definitive total list.)

In the register Modern form Notes
Ames Ames (an old name no longer in use)
Avice Avice
Avis Avice
Chas. Charles
Elenor Eleanor
Elisabeth Elizabeth
Eliz Elizabeth
Eliza. Elizabeth note punctuation
Eliza: Elizabeth note punctuation
Eliza Eliza note lack of punctuation (literally Eliza)
Ellenor Eleanor
Ellinor Eleanor
Fanny Fanny as written
Geo. George
Gul. William short for Latin Gulielmus
Guliel William short for Latin Gulielmus
Han. Hannah
Hanna Hannah
Hannah Hannah
Hen. Henry
Hy. Henry
Ioh John I = J, so Ioh. = Joh.
Jac. James Latin Jacobus
Jacob Jacob as written
Jacobus James Latin Jacobus
Jas. James
Jas(s) James
Jer. Jeremiah
Joh. John
Jo. John
Jone Joan
Jon. Jonathan
Jon(a) Jonathan
Jos. Joseph
Josh. Joshua
Jos(h) Josiah
Marg. Margaret
Mich Michael
Mic(is) Michael
Nich. Nicholas
Nic(s) Nicholas
Ric. Richard
Rich. Richard
Sar. Sarah
Theo. Theodore
Tho. Thomas
Thos. Thomas
Zach. Zacharius

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