Divorce Record Search

When conducting your genealogy research, some of your ancestors may have gone through a divorce within their lifetime. This means that there could be many undiscovered branches of your tree. Finding out that your ancestors went through a divorce could be an excellent source of expanding your family tree.

Where to Find Divorce Records

There are multiple sources to find divorce records; it is imperative that you check all of these sources in order to obtain the best results.

A great place to start your divorce record search is with the National Archives. Before you check the archives, try and find out as much information as possible; usually, the names of the petitioner and respondent as well as a rough date of the divorce. You can see records both online and offline. We thoroughly recommend you check both of these to gain as much information as possible.

With the evolution of the internet, most files can be accessed online. Great websites to search include ancestry.co.uk, findmypast.co.uk and genesreunited.co.uk. All of these should be able to aid you in your search.

Sealed Divorce Records

Whilst most court proceedings are public and can be accessed by anyone, some court proceedings were filed under sealed means meaning that they are private and confidential. Unfortunately, if your ancestor filed a sealed divorce records, you will not be able to access the information. However, doing some research around the two individuals could give you an answer as to how their life panned out.

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