Policemen Records

If you had an ancestor who was part of the police force, then they will have their own police file. With the first modern police force being the Metropolitan Police Force, which was created in 1829. Nearly all of the police staff records outline the officers:

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Warrant number
  • Division
  • Dates of appointment and removal

Other Police Officer Records you can Access

There are multiple police records that you have access to; there are both online and physical records that can be found and used for your genealogy research which include:

  • Metropolitan police registers
  • Returns of deaths for police personnel
  • Entry books
  • Pension records
  • Women police officer records
  • Colonial police force records
  • British Transport police records
  • Local police force records

With this amount of access, we genealogists have so many records and information available to us to not only research our ancestors, but map out their entire policing career. It is important to go over every detail in order to fully understand the role your ancestor played within the police force.

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