Black Sheeps

Black Sheeps

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No don’t worry, a sheep is not your long lost cousin, nor is a sheep your great great great uncle. A ‘Black Sheep’ is when one of your ancestors was sent to prison or possesses a criminal record. Now normally, to be related to a criminal in the present day isn’t the most of exciting things, however, if you’re looking to expand your family tree, a black sheep is just what you need.

Why is a black sheep so exciting?
A black sheep is exciting as it allows for whoever is looking to expand their family tree to have access to greater details in comparison to their average citizen. Prison records go into greater depth than an average person’s record. A prison record always includes a photograph of the criminal, the county of their sentencing, their age, height. Not only is that a gold mine in itself, but it also allows you to develop your black sheep’s character. If you can find a warden’s record, that’s even better!

Black sheep’s allow you to delve into great detail about ancestors you may not have found a lot on previously. With this information you are able to focus on one ancestor, and find all of the leads from them. This can lead to even greater expansion of your tree, which can lead to even more searching! It’s exciting times all round!
Like Hawk, if you find a black sheep, you have a great reason to be excited! Share the joy through our forum. Here is Hawk’s story with the thread as well:…a-Black-Sheep!

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