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12-11-2005, 6:52 AM
I am trying to find the Birth record & any other Info of My 3x Maternal Grt-GrandMother:

Jane Owens Bn C1817, Caernarnon

Father: Owen Owens, Occ: Mariner

Jane married James Duffy in St Peters Liverpool 13-2-1838.

On the 1851 Census James & Jane had 4 Children listed:

Elizabeth 12Yrs old
Robert 10Yrs old
Sarah 6Yrs old
William 4Yrs old

Lynda Cunningham
12-11-2005, 9:42 AM
Hi Pegasus :)

There is a birth/christening on the IGI that looks like a possible?

Birth: 12 AUG 1816
Christening:14 AUG 1816 Capel-Y-Waenfawr Calvinistic Methodist, Llanbeblig, Caernarvon, Wales


best wishes


17-11-2005, 11:44 PM

Thank You!

I have tried that site & found a few Jane Owens with Father: Owen Owens!

Sorting Out 'Which' Is the Right One is a bit of a Problem!

I was thinking If I could link this with a Whole Family Group (ie on Census or by building up a List of Births All with the same Parents), & then comparing it with the Names of Janes Children), I may be able to get somewhere with this line!

The Only Children I can find with 'Parents: Owen Owens & Jane David' are Jane, & Robert Owens Bn 22-2-1819, Christened: 4-3-1819!

So thats another Road that Leads Nowhere?

26-04-2006, 7:58 AM

Just by chance, when I was looking for James & Jane DUFFY on the Liverpool 1841 Census when viewing the page their entry was on I found that Janes Father, Mother & Siblings were Living Next Door! (HO107/564/23 E.D. 39 Folio 11):

Balmer Building, Carlton Street

Owen OWENS, 45Yrs old, Rigger, Bn Not in County
Eleanor OWENS, 45Yrs old, , Bn Not in County
Robert OWENS, 14Yrs old, Boilermakers App, Bn In County
Elizabeth OWENS, 12Yrs old, , Bn In County
Eleanor OWENS, 10Yrs old, , Bn In County

James DUFFY, 25Yrs old, Boilermaker , Bn In County
Jane DUFFY, 20Yrs old, , Bn Not in County
Elizabeth DUFFY, 2Yrs old, , Bn In County
Robert DUFFY, 1Yr old, , Bn In County

After finding the Above census entry, I scoured through My Notes of OWENS Births/Baptisms/Marriages & found the following:
Marriage:- OWEN OWENS & ELEANOR MORGAN 5th July 1815 in Llanbeblig
Baptism:- JANE OWENS 27th December 1818 in Llanbeblig, Parents: OWEN OWENS & ELLIN.

So, I now Know (with @85% Certainty) that My OWENS Family came from Llanbeblig!

I have Added Llanbeblig to My 'Places to Go' (When I go there I plan on trying to track the OWENs & MORGAN Families back Further!)

19-01-2007, 7:20 AM
Further Info:

I was asked (by someone who found one of My posts on another site) If I had My Owens Ancestors on the 1851 Census?

Well, after much searching (& Head scratching) I found 2 related Census Returns:

1. Robert Owens (Son of Owen & Eleanor)

2. James DUFFY & Jane (Owens) Duffy

Living with James & Jane were:

Elizabeth TAMLIN, Sister in Law, Mar, 22Yrs old, Seamans Wife, Bn Caernarvon, Wales
Margaret HUMPHREYS, Cousin, UnMar, 19Yrs old, Factory Lab, Bn Caernarvon, Wales

Elizabeth TAMLIN was Jane DUFFY (nee OWENS) Sister, she married James TAMLIN
(a Sailor) on 8th September 1850 at St Nicholas, Liverpool (the Sailors
Margaret HUMPHREYS was (if My Instincts are Right?) Christened on
15th January 1832 in Llanbeblig, the Daughter of Robert HUMPHREYS & Margaret
MORGAN (who were married 23rd May 1831 in Llanbeblig).

So, If I have it right then Eleanor & Margaret snr were Sisters, both Married in Llanbeblig (one Owen OWENS, the other Robert HUMPHREYS)

19-03-2011, 4:19 PM
Hello,Just been searching for some details of my ancestors James & Jane Duffy Liverpool when i came accross this site and it seems these Duffys may be the same as mine !. My link is through their daughter Sarah Duffy who married Thomas McDonald. I have only recently started to trace this line and so found the link to Wales very interesting.
It would be great to hear from anyone who is following the same line