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01-10-2018, 12:38 PM
My Great Great Grandmother was Julia Megit she was born in England in 1844, sadly her Father Walter Megit died in 1848.

Walter Megit who also used the name Walter John Merry Megit worked as an artist doing miniature portraits, he was born about 1806 and I believe that his parents were John Megit and Latitia Clark, at the time of their marriage one newspaper wrote that John Megit was a native of Florence.

I have found some details of a John Megit’s marriage to Ann Burrows in Leghorn Italy in 1779 and the subsequents baptism of children….Charles Merry 1784, Catherine 1786, Anna Emilia 1780, John 1782 and Gabriel Walter (known as John) in 1785.

I believe that John senior was possibly a Merchant in Florence and maybe a English Inn / Boarding house / hotel owner, John died in 1814.

If anyone in Italy has any information on John Megit or indeed the Megit Family I would be very interested to hear it.

Thank you

01-10-2018, 1:53 PM
Have you contacted 'Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre' who according to TNA hold Two letters from John Megit writing from Florence, 1795 and 1798


01-10-2018, 2:48 PM
Have ordered these. Awaiting delivery.