View Full Version : Tips for Swedish genealogy?

Sam Rowe
13-06-2017, 6:24 PM
A lot of the research on my Swedish ancestors had already been done, but I think it can be furthered. That said, there's a big problem. While I can pinpoint where they come from very accurately (down to the part of the relevant county), it gets hectic after a while. There are very very neat and tidy parish registers from 1300 onwards, but there's a big problem due to the naming system: patronymic. Anything pre-1910 is very hard to decipher because everyone is called X Xsson. For instance, My last known ancestor in one line is Pers Andersson, his son's baptism recorded in 1649. His father is quite obviously Anders -, which is useful, but there are thousands of Anders in that city at that time. Finding Pers' baptism would give his father's full name (and thus his grandfather's) but again, there are loads of Pers Anderssons.

Sue Mackay
13-06-2017, 9:45 PM
You might find some pointers at http://www.cyndislist.com/sweden/