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26-11-2014, 11:33 PM
George was born in 1914 in Lucq or Luqk or Lutsk nearest town Horof

Believe it is in Poland

He appears in the London Gazette 16 jan 1948

Is this to do with him being nationalised

Would there be further details on him I could get from somewhere

We know his father was Rudolf and mother Paulina How do I do about researching him further Can any one give me some leads Thanks

Megan Roberts
27-11-2014, 12:02 AM
None of the places you mention appears to be in Poland. If you enter each one into "google maps" the only one that gets any results is LUTSK, which is in Western Ukraine towards the Polish border.

If you scroll back through the London Gazette issue you mention the on page 428 you will find the following heading / introduction:

LIST OF ALIENS to whom Certificates of Naturalization have been granted by the Secretary of State, and whose Oaths of Allegiance have been registered in the Home Office during the month of December 1947.
The date shown in each case is the date the Oath of Allegiance was taken.

So on page 428 you find the entry:

Nowaczek, George Jaroslav; Poland; Carpenter; 35 Claude Road, Cardiff. 16 December 1947.

Ancestry has a message board for Poland, so maybe that is somewhere to ask.

27-11-2014, 2:42 AM
Did your George serve in the merchant navy in WW11? If so THIS (http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D4350503) could be his medal listing on The National Archives site.
The transcription on ancestry just shows this
George J Nowaczek

Birth Date 13 Jul 1914
Service: 1939-1945
Medal Issued/Claimed 1946-2002
Discharge Number: R233760

TNA research guide to Merchant seamen Here (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/records/looking-for-person/merchantseamanafter1917.htm)


27-11-2014, 6:44 AM
There is a Rudolf Nowaczek travelling to Sempleton Pasadena US in 1912. Rudolf a labourer born Russia, polish nationality. Last residence Hubin, Russia. He gives his wife's name Paulina as his contact in Hubin Russia.

I can't find a Templeton or Sempleton in Pasedena on google maps or a Hubin in Russia but there is a Hubyn Pershyi in the Ukraine which is about 38 kilometres from Lutsk.


27-11-2014, 8:59 AM
UK Records

Cardiff Glam
v11A page 791

MArgaret A NOWACZEK died 1921 - 1979

Electoral Roll 2002 - 2004

28, Craigmuir Road, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF24 2PU
George Jaroslav NOWACZEK
Birth 13 Jul 1914
Death Oct 2004
AGE approx 90
Cardiff Glamorgan, Register no A46B vol 890/1A page 79

George Jaroslav NOWACZEK
Birth 13 Jul 1914
SERVICE: 1939-1945

Potential travel ( I do not have the full ancestry subsc)

New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

NAME: George Nowaczek
BIRTH: year
ARRIVAL: date - New York, New York

27-11-2014, 10:45 AM
Wow you are all brilliant Thanks so much

Megan Roberts
27-11-2014, 2:14 PM
New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

Name: George Nowaczek
Arrival Date: 12 May 1945
Birth Date: abt 1914
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Polish
Port of Departure: Cardiff, Wales
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Samleven

He was a member of the crew, who had been at sea for 5 years. He was an A.B. (able bodied?) seaman. He left Cardiff on 25 April 1945. He was 5 foot 6 inches in height and weighed 168 pounds, and he had a scar on his right cheek. He was the only Polish member of the 40 strong crew, which was all British, someone originating from Finland who must have become a British citizen.

Just think he was at sea when the Germans surrendered.