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22-08-2005, 5:42 PM
I was told that many years ago a young child fled England during a time of war (200 years ago or so) and sailed aboard a ship to Portugal. His name was Russell or Waldgrave (and apparently there was an inheritance from a Emma Waldgraev) and lived in Ericeira. When he became an adult he changed his name to Costa and that has been our family name ever since. I will have information on him and his background but will have to research this somwhere in the UK... have you got any thoughts where I could find more information when I do have his full name? Thanks! F.

Peter Goodey
22-08-2005, 8:01 PM
There is a will of an Emma Waldegrave, spinster of Kings Lynn , Norfolk, dated 19 November 1792 listed on the National Archives website.

Unfortunately, you would need pay to download a copy (by credit card) in order to find out whether or not it relates to your family.

I suspect that the chances of it being relevant are low!