View Full Version : abt Nov 1919 - child of Elise MATON, Belgium

02-07-2013, 6:53 AM
Filed with Fred Abbott's WW1 Service Records (WO 363):

Letters from Mademoiselle Elise MATON (rue Alfred, Defrisscieux, Petit Wasmes, Hainaut, Belgium) to the War Office, trying to contact the father of her child - Fred Abbott (Worcester Regt), who had been stationed at Mons.
All dated August 1919 (3 months before the birth - so baby born Nov/Dec?).

The Records Office inform her that he was de-mobilized in July 1919, and she must therefore "apply to the Civil authorities for redress".

A sad little story - I do hope it had a happy ending. One oddity - Elise's letters are in perfect English, yet the last is written in appalling French, as if she were uneducated. Perhaps she had someone translate the English ones for her?

Anc****y, ABB, pages 3859 to 3865