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04-08-2005, 1:50 PM
As more messages are posted on the Norfolk forums, it may become harder to locate specific postings which may be of interest, especially if you are looking for a common surname.

This thread is an index to the surnames posted during the last four months. The intention is to make it easier for you to locate others with similar interests. To find a message to which the index refers, simply click on 'Search' in the blue toolbar and then select 'Advanced Search'. In 'Key words' enter the surname' and in user name enter the name exactly as shown. This should bring up the message of interest and so allow you to send a private message to the researcher or to reply to the post.

This is an index to all the Norfolk forums

If I've missed a message or made a mistake, please send me a private message and I'll make a correction

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04-08-2005, 1:51 PM
BARKHAM, Diss, Tracey65, 17/6
BIRD, Nfk, Pownek, 22/3
BIRD, Mundham, Steve Linsell, 22/4
BOND, Ringstead, Maggym, 11/4
BOTHWAY, Wreningham, Murray, 14/4
BUSH, Norwich, Batty, 22/4
CARMAN, Mileham, Jckie Reilly, 18/4
CARMAN, Nfk, Jackie Reilly, 13/6
CATCHPOLE, Ellingham, HelenC, 16/7
COOPER, Lynn, Sebastian Cooper, 5/7
COOPER, ?, Robinadexter, 23/7
COVELL, North Walsham, PatMac, 14/7
COZENS, Norwich, FredP, 30/6
CUBITT, Lammas, Cmcull, 30/3

04-08-2005, 1:53 PM
DAVENEY, Norwich, Batty, 22/4
EDWARDS, Griston, Mary Elms, 9/5
FLANNAR, Norwich, Steve Garnham, 13/6
FROST, Nfk, Jackie Reilly, 13/6
GAERTNER, Catfield, DaveG, 13/4
GAMBLE, Middleton, Unbendiecowfish, 2/5
GARNHAM, Norwich, Steve Garnham, 13/6
GUTTERIDGE, Feltwell, Chuckgaish, 9/5
HAINES, Wroxham, J.Demkiw, 7/5
JACOB, Yarmouth, Genevieve, 16/3
JACOB, Billingford, Krissie, 24/4
LILLY, Hingham, Prussell, 28/3
LOVETT, Norwich, Batty, 22/4
LOVETT, Thetford, Batty, 31/5
LUCAS, ?, Robinadexter, 23/7
MARSHALL, Guist, Krissie, 24/4
MEARS, Gooderstone, Kate Dennis, 5/6

04-08-2005, 1:55 PM
OLDMAN, Ringstead, Maggym, 11/4
ROLL, Hindringham, Brad, 28/7 (Northumberland Board)
SAYER, Yarmouth, Daphne, 27/4
SOUTHGATE, Lynn, Peter Nicholl, 3/3
SPINKS, Didlington, brendaanc@ntlworld.com (brendaanc@ntlworld.com), 14/6
STEBBINGS, Buxton, Krissie, 17/7
STEWARD, Yarmouth, Murray, 14/5
THAIN, Swaffham, Phyl Stewart, 4/7
THIRKETTLE, North Walsham, PatMac, 22/7
THWAITES, Woodrising, brendaanc@ntlworld.com (brendaanc@ntlworld.com), 14/6
WATTS, Honing, Mandie, 26/3