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John Nicholas
21-10-2012, 11:21 AM
We are helping a friend with his family history, which includes some members born in Australia. C'mon you wizards of Oz, and give us some pointers!

His grandfather was George Walden BISHOP, born 21st June 1908 in Melbourne. George came back to the UK before WW2, married here and had children, before divorcing and emigrating again to Canada, where he remarried, had more children and died in 1980 in Calgary.

George's parents were Arthur Nickells BISHOP and Phoebe Patience COUSINS, who married in 1907 in Victoria. Arthur was a businessman who was the plaintiff in a libel case in 1924 against Smith's Weekly; he was subsequently acquitted of perjury in connection with that suit.

Arthur was born in 1885 in Melbourne, one of six children of George Nickells BISHOP and Annie Mary KELLY, who had married in 1881 in Victoria. George was from Newton Abbott in Devon (born 1852), emigrated to Australia before 1876, where he became a clergyman, rising to become Archdeacon. He died in 1939.

What we'd like some help on is:
Were there any other children of Arthur and Phoebe? We think there might have been a daughter Patience but cannot find her in the Victoria index.
What other information can you find about Phoebe Patience COUSINS?
We believe that Annie Mary KELLY was born in Sydney. Can you find any more information on her family?


21-10-2012, 8:34 PM
Hi John

According to the Victoria Indexes Phoebe Patience Cousins was born in New Zealand


21-10-2012, 8:47 PM
There is also a 1906 marriage for a Robert Laurence Cousins to a Marian Rutland.

His place of birth is also New Zealand.

There is the birth of Marie Patience Ecclestone Bishop in South Melbourne in 1913. Strangely there is no registration in Victoria for George Walden Bishop that I can find.

21-10-2012, 8:57 PM
According to the Victoria Death Indexes Phoebe was the daughter of August/us Cousins and Louisa Alexandra White. There is also death records for two sisters - Louisa Minnie Christian who died in Kew in 1966 aged 71 and Alice Carey McLean who died in St. Kilda in 1984 aged 80

21-10-2012, 9:05 PM
George Walden was born in NSW not Victoria.

21-10-2012, 9:16 PM
There is the birth of Marie Patience Ecclestone Bishop in South Melbourne in 1913.

From the 'Advocate' [published Burnie, Tasmania], 27 December 1932:

'The engagement is announced of Maree Patience, only daughter of Mrs. A.N. Bishop, of Hotham Street, East Melbourne, and Mr. Bishop, of London, to Edwin Max, second son of Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Androwartha, of Swan Street, Hobart.'

21-10-2012, 9:30 PM
The death of two more sisters - Madge Cousins in 1965 in Heidleburg aged 74 and Letty Laura Cousins in 1976 in Fitzroy aged 77

21-10-2012, 9:39 PM
The Robert Laurence Cousins born NZ may be a red herring.

According to Phoebe's mother's death notice in the Argus 30th September 1944 her children were as follows - Phoebe, Georgina, Madge, Louie, Letty, Esca (sic) and Alice

21-10-2012, 9:52 PM
Madge's death is also recorded as Marjorie Yelland Cousins same reg number details. There is also a death of an Esca Geo Maccord Cousins (possibly male?) in Pville (?) in 1952 aged 50.

John Nicholas
21-10-2012, 10:25 PM
Many thanks to judyg and Coromandel - you certainly have been busy!! That gives us plenty to mull over and fit into what we already (thought we) knew.

21-10-2012, 10:39 PM
According to the Victoria Death Indexes Phoebe was the daughter of August/us Cousins and Louisa Alexandra White.

John, you might want to look closer to home for the Cousins family in 1901 . . . a New Zealand-born Phoebe P. Cousins is in Aldershot, with Augustus, Louisa et al. in Tooting Graveney (according to the FamilySearch index).

22-10-2012, 8:35 AM
Clifford Augustus Cousins, son of John Augustus Cousins & Louisa Alexander, was born 11 March 1893 and baptised 11 May 1893 at Christ Church, South Yarra, Victoria according to FamilySearch. His date and place of birth would fit with him being the Clifford Cousins in Tooting G. in 1901. There's a possible sighting a decade later too: I wonder if he is the 17 year old of this name, birthplace unknown, who was an 'epileptic patient' at the Farm Training Colony, Lingfield, on the 1911 census. Ancestry still has the final column of the census return masked, so I cannot tell if there is any comment there.

This is part of RG 14/3271, enumeration district 29. In Ancestry it is under Surrey > Chelsham, Lingfield and Bletchingley, > 28-33, with the return for ED 29 beginning on image 40 of 101, and Clifford's name on image 53.

Sadly it looks as if this Clifford may have died not long afterwards (see FreeBMD).

22-10-2012, 5:46 PM
The family was still in Australia in May 1893 when Clifford was baptised. From the 1901 census, the next child, Louisa, was born in England (Swindon) in about 1895. From judyg's post #4 she was Louisa Minnie, so she is probably the Louisa Minnie O. Cousins whose birth was registered Q2 1895, Highworth district. That leaves quite a narrow window for their journey to England.

I think I've spotted the Cousins family in the 'Index to Outward Passengers to Interstate, UK, NZ and Foreign Ports 1852-1915' on the PROV website. The following were on the Habsburg II, (leaving?) June 1894, desination 'Bremen and ports':

A.J. Cousins (34)
Augusta Cousins (5) [is this Georgina?]
infant Cousins (1)
Louisa Cousins (30)
Phoebe Cousins (7)

(I would have expected Madge/Marjorie and Clifford to be with them, but there only seems to be that one infant. Maybe I didn't look hard enough.)

Going back to the 1901 census, Lettie was born in Wandsworth about 1900, and from her death announcement she had the middle name Laura, so she is probably the Lettie Laura Cousins whose birth was registered Q3 1899, Wandsworth district.

From the death announcements found by judyg we have estimated dates of birth of c.1902 for Esca and c.1904 for Alice Carey. Corresponding birth registrations for both can be found in the Wandsworth district:
- Esca George Cousins, birth registered Q4 1901 (there is also a baptism for him on Ancestry)
- Alice Carey Cousins, birth registered Q1 1904

22-10-2012, 10:02 PM
No more information on the 1911 census Coromandel. Just "epileptic patient" under occupation and 'epileptic" in the infirmity column

22-10-2012, 10:22 PM
In 1937 Armadale electoral roll, Maree Patience E. Bishop, dental nurse, was residing with Phoebe Patience Bishop at 24 Chomley street.
In 1937 Maree Patience Eccelston Bishop, known as Pat, married war correspondent, Norman Stockton, who died 1943 Berlin, Germany. He was previously married in 1929 to Jean Atherton and divorced 1935 Cairns, Qld.
Norman was born 20.3.1904 Mulline, WA to Charles William Stockton of Carisbrook, Vic. and Maud Edwards of NZ.

22-10-2012, 11:40 PM
Widow Maree Patience E. Stockton, nee Bishop, married farmer Reginald Arthur Stratford. In the 1963 Fisher, Qld electoral roll, they were living at Forest Glen, via Palmwoods.
Maree died 21.10.1965 and Reginald died 19.2.1972 and they were buried in the Nambour Garden Lawn Cemetery, Maroochy Shire, Qld., Australia.

23-10-2012, 12:25 AM
Maree (Pat) and Norman Stockton's daughter, Anne, was born in 1939 in Hong Kong.

John Nicholas
24-10-2012, 9:12 AM
Thank you all for the excellent results you've turned up so far, including a few surprises! If we could lean on your expertise a little further, can I ask if anyone can find anything more on Annie Mary KELLY (see original posting)? Also is there anything on the BISHOPs or the related families in the Australian censuses? (although we do understand that the nature and survival of these records is rather different from what we know in the UK).

Kind regards

25-10-2012, 5:11 AM
Annie Mary Kelly is registered in the NSW birth records as Mary A. Kelly.
She was born in 1850 in Ipswich, New South Wales.
Parents were James William Kelly & Sophia Eccleston Derby or Darby.

25-10-2012, 5:52 AM
Dublin, Ireland, Probate Record and Marriage Licence Index, 1270-1858

Sophia Eccleston Darby m: James William Kelly in 1833.

Their first child born in NSW was James Jago Richard Kelly in 1836.

John Nicholas
25-10-2012, 8:26 AM
Thanks Shirl20 for the two latest posts. We'd found a later Annie Kelly born in Dungog but weren't convinced. Your discovery rings true because of the Eccleston name. Great work!!

25-10-2012, 8:54 AM
Sophia Eccleston Kelly (nee Darby) died at the Vicarage, Drysdale, Victoria on 20 January, 1889 aged 77.
Husband James William Kelly died in 1873 in Victoria aged 78.

Daughter Annie Mary Bishop died 5 Sept 1936 in Elsternwick, Victoria aged 85.
Husband Rev. George Nickells Bishop died 20 July 1939 in Caulfield, Victoria aged 88.

25-10-2012, 9:20 AM
Forgot to add parents names to previous post.
Sophia: George Darby & Ann Bunn
James: James Kelly & Mary (unknown surname).

25-10-2012, 11:01 AM
Children of George & Annie:

Arthur Nickells Bishop b: 1882 Bellarine, Victoria
d: 1968 Eastwood, Vic. - Broker
m. Phoebe Patience Cousins.

Eunice Florence Eccleston Bishop b: 1884 Bellarine, d: ?
m. Douglas McLean, Engineer.

Cyril George Bishop b: 1886 Bellarine, d: 1891 Carlton, Vic.

Estelle May Bishop b: 1886 Bellarine, d: 1963 Glenhuntly, Vic.
m: Albert Edmond Woolcott, Photographer.

Gladys Patricia Bishop b: 1888 Bellarine
d: 1977 Canterbury, Vic. - Nurse

Selwyn Teignmouth Bishop b: 1891 N. Carlton, Vic.
d: 1980 Burwood, Vic. - Broker
m: Caldie Katrine Jenkins.

25-10-2012, 5:21 PM
Sophia Eccleston Kelly (nee Darby) died at the Vicarage, Drysdale, Victoria on 20 January, 1889 aged 77.

Here's her gravestone:


25-10-2012, 5:36 PM
James William Kelly died in 1873 in Victoria aged 78.

The [Melbourne] Argus of 15 November 1873 has a report from the Benevolent Asylum. After mentioning a death there on 9th Nov., it goes on to say that

'on the same day another inmate named James William Kelly, aged 78, a native of Dublin, died of dementia and gradual decay, after being 15 years in the house.'

25-10-2012, 5:48 PM
The Williamstown Chronicle of 23 February 1889 carried this obituary:

The many friends of the Rev. R. Kelly
in this town will learn with regret the fol-
lowing extract from the Church Messenger:
An old and faithful servant of Christ has
passed away to her rest. Sophia Eccleston
Kelly died at the Vicarage, Drysdale, after
some weeks of intense suffering borne with
exemplary patience and fortitude, on Sunday
the 20th ult., at the age of 74. A life spent
in the unobtrusive pieties of domestic life
presents few points of special interest to the
public, but all who came under the influence
of her faithful spirit and consistent work
cherish a profound and affectionate regard
for her memory. She leaves four children,
all of whom are associated with the work of
the ministry in these colonies. There are
not many families that can boast of three
sons carrying out the desire of a pious mother
and working in the Masters' vineyard.

25-10-2012, 10:48 PM
The NSW BDMs index has these children of James & Sophia Kelly

- James J.R., birth registered 1836
- Elizabeth, birth registered 1838
- George W.P., birth registered 1840
- Richard, birth registered 1843
- Mary A., birth registered 1850

(For James J.R. the parents are shown as James W. and Sophia E.; for the others the parents are just James & Sophia.)

Perhaps this 1843 Richard is the Richard H.D. Kelly for whom there's a 1922 death registration (the death index gives his parents as James & Sophia). I think this is Rev. Richard Hugh Dickson Kelly, who pops up a lot in the newspapers. In an announcement of his 1884 marriage to Florence Nevill Doveton (a widow, maiden name Wiley) the Sydney Morning Herald describes him as 'vicar of St. George's, Kogarah, and son of the late Dr. James Kelly'. I think he had been married before (Trove has announcements of the birth of a son and death of his wife on the same day, in 1883 if I remember rightly) and he would marry again, the marriage to Florence ending in divorce (see the newspapers).

Was R.H.D. Kelly's father a medical doctor? Perhaps: one 'Mrs J.W. Kelly of H.M. General Hospital, Sydney' had a son in 1840 and another in 1843, according to birth announcements in the papers.

From Sophia's obituary it sounds as if there were three sons who were involved with the church. Perhaps another is a Rev. George W. Kelly: his age at death would be about right; he died at Golden Square in 1921 aged 82 according to the Argus of 12 May 1921 which called him 'one of the pioneer clergymen of the Anglican Church in Victoria'.

26-10-2012, 12:10 PM
James & Sophia Kelly also had a son Henry.
His birth was registered in NSW in 1854 but parents not named.
Ancestry Death Index states Henry died in 1923 in Kew, Vic. aged 70.

Unlike the NSW Registry, Ancestry gives the birth districts for their other children:
1836 Lower Hawkesbury
1838 Parramatta
1840 Sydney
1843 Sydney
1850 Ipswich

John Nicholas
27-10-2012, 9:04 AM
Many thanks again to judyg, Coromandel and Shirl20. Having no experience of Australian records, I've found your help and knowledge invaluable.

I'm not trying to kill off the thread (please do post anything more you find), but there's already so much that our friend is going to be amazed by the extent and detail of it. There's no whinging from any of these Poms!!!

Best regards

John Nicholas
01-11-2012, 10:56 AM
For those who have been following this thread, a little twist. Phoebe Patience COUSINS was the daughter of Augsustus John COUSINS and Minnie McSWEENEY, not Louisa Alexandra WHITE. As this is all in New Zealand, I am starting this segment afresh on the NZ Forum.