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28-07-2005, 10:37 PM
Look up request - Robert William Roulston (b. 1820 - 1850). Irish or English. Was a Coal Merchant in (Ormskirk) Melling, Lancaster, England. Married to Ann (Dunn?), son Charles Calhoun Roulston was born 12 November 1868 in (Bickerstaffe?) Melling, Lancaster, England.Birth Certificate hand written and almost unreadable. All leads so far lead me to assume that R.W.Roulston was born in Donegal, Ireland in 1828 and died in West Derby, England in 1896. Also found that Ann Dunn married in Ormskirk in the beginning of 1848.
Would appreciate it if anyone can corrobrate this. Interested to see if he had any other sibblings or offspring.

29-07-2005, 12:25 PM
The family appear to be in Melling in the 1871 census don't know if you already have this information but in case not:

PRO Ref: RG10/3869, folio 79, page 26
Schedule 117, Giddy Gate Lane, Orchard House

Robert William ROULSTON Head Mar 43 Coal Merchant Ireland Co Donegal
Anne do Wife Mar 37 Lancashire Liverpool
Elizabeth do Daur 13 Scholar do do
Sarah do Daur 12 do do do
Anne Brown do Daur 10 do do do
Jane Francis do Daur 8 do do do
Tom Brown do Son 6 do do Walton
William Campingham do Son 4 do do do
Charles Colhoran do Son 2 Infant do Halsall
Sarah Annie HOBSON Governess Unm 23 Governess Lincolnshire Great
Alice HEATON Servant Unm 17 Domestic Servant Lancashire
Hope this helps.