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Colin Rowledge
27-01-2012, 7:21 PM
In England, in 1873 a child was born. His parents were Karl Oskar Alexandersson Ahlstedt and Mary Elizabeth Jane Cook. His parents were married when the boy was born. Karl Oskar was a mariner and was born in Finland about 1851. Their son was named Karl Hugo.

Later, after Karl Oskar did a runner, his wife remarried. I have never been able to find Karl Oskar.

I now have found something that may shed some light on what happened to Karl Oskar:

On January 4, 1881, in Bjorkang , Skaraborg [birth county], Sweden a child was born and named Karl Hugo Ahlstedt.

[B]Could the father of these 2 boys be one and the same person?

My attempts to find out have not yielded any satisfactory results.


Colin Rowledge
27-01-2012, 8:09 PM
I have now found on IGI-Family search, a possible marriage in Finland, for Karl Oskar after he scarpered.

Karl Oskar Ahlstedt married Mathilda Charlotta Palin in Tampere, Hame, Finland on March 2, 1878.

Source Information
Batch number M50522
Source Dates 1800-1882
Film or Fiche # 57226
Collection Details Tuomiokirkko, Suomen Kirkko