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08-07-2005, 2:48 AM
I have a family record from an antiquarian book that may be of interest to anyone related to them. I obtained the book from someone who lived in the Northeast of the United States and assume the book came over from London/England with the family (when they or their children) immigrated here. I can try and get hold of the man I bought the book from to ask the location of the house he found it in. He said it was in an old trunk and looked as if it had been there at least 80 or more years (if I remember right)

I felt if someone was looking for family history for this family this could be the only record of it.... I am very interested in finding out more about them and also the place they were married, which was Saint. Luke's Chapel in London, England. I can find no information about this place and am wondering if it is still in existence today, and would love to see a picture or portrait of it if anyone has one. I am aware they may or may not have actually lived in this parrish at the time of their marriage.

The family geneology is as follows:

William Tyler & Catherine Morton
Married in St. Luke's Chapel London
Married the 22nd of February in
the Year of our Lord 1784
William Nowlan Tyler born
November the 8th 1784, att five
O'Clock morning
Catherine Nowlan Tyler born
Oct 22nd, 1786 at 10 O'Clock at night .... (Perhaps Nowlan is another family name, maybe a grandparent or other relative's name.)
Margaret Tyler born January
20th between 9 and 10 O'Clock morning
Samuel Edward Tyler born
April 20th, 1791
Susannah Tyler born April 11th, 1793
Died Sept 8th, 1793 aged 5 months
Susannah Tyler born Augt 25th, 1794
at 5 O'Clock morning
Richard Emory Tyler, born Augt 20th, 1796 at
10 O'Clock at night

Other names written elsewhere in book include Jinat Andrews (1758), Mary Scott, & George Miller (Taylor) with no other info on these. Maybe these were other family members or close friends of the Tyler or Morton family.

I can send photocopies of this written information to whomever needs it for geneological or historical purposes.

Thanks! Mita

07-04-2008, 9:33 PM
Hi, Mita,

I have just found the message you posted some time ago re the book you found with the above names on it. I have been researching the morton family for some time. It was a family legend that my g.g.g/father, james morton, or his father before him, came down from scotland to england to look for work. My late mother always wandered if this was true and I've always wanted to find out.

What caught my eye in your letter were the names scott and miller, the've kept cropping up in my research, either marrying in to branches of differnt morton families ( I never realised there were so many ! ) or appearing on census returns as visitors or neighbours. James Morton stated that he was born in chelsea,london. I don't know if this was true as the scots weren't very popular at the time and often lied about where they came from which isn,t very helpful and is at the moment my brick wall. What I do know is that St. Luke's would have been their parish church especially if J. M . was born there because he was born c 1806 and I believe it was a very old church. I did some reading about it but I can't remember if it is still there, I will have to have a look again. Another thing I came across is a marrriage between james morton of holy island, northumberland to isobel scott of ladykirk, berwick,borders, scotland, at eccles, berwick on 22/12/1798.

I believe that some members of the morton line emigrated to nova scotia, canada in the 1800's, perhaps that's where the family in your book originally came from.

I would be interested if you have found out anything else about these families since you posted you message, I will see if I can find any info on the tyler family, you never know it might help me, (Ive just remembered that catherine is a popular morton family name , hence your catherine morton )

I look forward to hearing from you

Patricia , wolverhampton. ,w. mids, england.

07-04-2008, 9:39 PM
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07-04-2008, 10:49 PM
Greetings! Well, it had been a while since I'd been here but Ms. Drake was kind enough to send me the information i needed to get back on the forum... I'd forgotten my login info!

I was at one time able to see an arial view of the place where St. Luke's would have stood and I do not think it is still there... I think it may have burned down as I recall... I am not sure. I did find a page where a period map was located and saw the original location of it then. I cannot remember where I found the map. I think I just Googled "Map of London, England c.1784". The map that came up was very wonderful.

If you will email me your address I can send you a photocopy of the pages from the book... I do love the book and have read it on occasion. You can reach me at an alternate address here sistersingleheart (at) gmail (full stop) com

Just reply to this thread when you've emailed so I will know to look for your email.

It was good to finally see that the info is a possible help to someone. I really enjoyed reading the information you had. It's amazing how interesting people's histories can be.

I send you blessings - Mita

09-04-2008, 8:54 PM
Hi Mita,

I have sent on the information to your e- mail address. Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,