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03-07-2005, 8:20 PM
I have been tracing, along with others around the world, our Jewish ancestors who were from Posen in Poland/Germany in 1858, came into the UK via the East End of London, where a few members worked as master tailors and the remainder travelled up to Birmingham and across to Wolverhampton.

We know so much about the family, which was very large, but we need to find more information and living descendants of Elias Isaacs (born in Posen in 1856, son of Isaac Isaacs) who married Rose Pinner in 1878. Elias died in Kings Norton in 1923 and together with Rose had 8 children. Marks, Elizabth, Celia (Cissie), Davis, Newman, Morris, Moss and Harry. Marks married Millie Bloomberg in 1898 in London, Elizabeth married Abraham Barnett in Birmingham in 1904, Celia married Soloman Cohen in 1901 in Birmingham, David married Fanny Brunn in 1909 in Birmingham, Newman remains a mystery - no info found yet, Maurice married Elizabeth Lingwood in Hackney in 1922, Moss we know died in 1960 and is buried at Witton and Harry we know nothing about.

Our ultimate aim is to find out who the mother of Elias and his siblings was. We have employed researchers in Posen, who found very little paperwork had survived the atrocities of the time, so some one out there please contact me if you are a descendant of an Isaacs tailor or jeweller. I would welcome anyone to contact me with even a tiny chance of there being a connection. Many thanks in anticipation.

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21-08-2005, 10:04 AM
Hi there
There are a few similarities to my family in your notes
I know they were born in London before moving to Birmingham then Wolverhampton and they were also tailors.
My lot are John Lewis Isaacs b abt 1811 Whitechapel who m Hannah Benjamin b abt 1809 Aldgate and d 1867 Wolverhampton.
The son Elijah Isaacs moved to Liverpool where he married Jessie Smith in 1873. The family in Lpool was quite sizeable and I know there was a Wolverhampton branch as one of Elijah's daughters was born there.
I don't have any links to outside the UK so far
Any information of use here?

18-01-2006, 11:00 PM
My fathers mother Charlotte was the youngest child of Elijah Isaacs, who I believe had 8 children in all. Charlotte married a Harold Barker in 1918.
I have been trying to establish what happened to Elijah as my family history has him leaving his wife Jessie and running off with an Irish girl. This caused a lot of distress in the family (apparently!).
Around this time Michael Marks arrived in England in 1882; invited Elijah who was a master tailor to become a partner in a new company, but Elijah declined the offer!! Michael Marks then met Tom Spencer and opened a Bazaar in Leeds in 1884, later to become the famous Marks & Spencer group).
Can anyone help in tracing what happened to Elijah during this time and after
Regards Royb

13-02-2006, 10:53 AM
My grandfather was Isaac Isaacs who died around 1925 in Glasgow. He was a Jewish taylor who came from around the area of Poland you have mentioned.

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Thanks for your reply.
I know my Isaac Isaacs was buried in 1911 in Witton Cem. in Birmingham.

We have several other Isaac Isaacs in the family bit as far as I know noboby ventured north as far as Scotland.

Have you any other family details that I can check.


29-05-2014, 4:06 PM
My Isaacs family came from Posen and settled in Manchester first and then Liverpool. They were Morris Isaacs born 1827 died 1913 and Fredericka Solomon born 1821 and died in 1894. They had five children- Isidor (1851 in Posen), Minnie/Emma (1855 in Posen - 1922 in Australia), Anna (1858 in Manchester - 1945 in Australia), my grandfather's grandmother Fanny (1860 in Manchester - 1899 in Liverpool), and Esther (1865 in Liverpool - 1941 in Detroit, Michigan, USA). I have traced the families of the sisters, but I have found nothing for Isidor other than the 1861 census. Fanny did have a son named Isidor in 1897 who died at seven months old. The Isaacs family were all tailors and dressmakers.