View Full Version : Visit to Bilston and Wednesbury

21-06-2005, 10:11 PM
I am hoping to visit Bilston and Wednesbury shortly with a relative over here from New Zealand, to photograph Churches and locations (if still existing) relating to our family history in the 19th century. I will be travellling via the Metro from Wolverhampton.

In Bilston I need to locate St Mary's and St Luke's Churches and addresses at Hallfields, Bridge Street, Dudley Street, and Gibbett Lane. I have located all addresses except Hallfields - any help on this?

In Wednesbury I need to locate St Bartholomew's Church.

Is this feasble on foot in each town from the Metro stops?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Dave Ogden
22-06-2005, 2:25 AM
For St. Barts, get off the Metro at Gt. Western Street not the second Wednesbury stop, and you'll see the church at the top of the hill facing you (it's the large black one). St. Mary's Catholic Church is right at the side of it with a copper spire. St Barts is @ a 15 min walk up the hill, if you're fit, from the Metro. Good pint to be had in the Woden Pub just below the Church. If you come on a Monday, pop down to meet the rest of the Black Country crowd at the Leathern Bottel pub (built @1500) on the other side of the hill.

22-06-2005, 7:27 PM
Thanks Dave for the info on St Barts. I don't fancy the 15 minute uphill walk though - perhaps we can find a bus! Unfortunately we are doing our trip on a Thursday so a Black Country gathering is a no-go - pity!