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15-06-2005, 1:07 AM
Grateful contact with anyone who has come across the Latchfords of Staffs/Warwickshire, and later London (and Australia). I'm interested in Joseph Latchford who had sons John (c. 20 June 1761, Walsall, mother Judith) and Edward (12 Feb 1775, Birmingham, mother Maria).

Joseph was a steel buckle-maker in Barn Street, Wolverhampton. The sons moved to London where they became successful bit, bridle and spur manufacturers - they both had various foundries in the West End, and were granted the Royal Warrant. Edward's business in Upper St Martin's Lane was still there in 1914.

I'm especially interested in the earlier origins of the family, Joseph's marriage details and any burials of Latchfords in the Black Country/Birmingham area.


15-06-2005, 9:34 AM

From Family History Online Staffs Marriages, 9 February 1750/1 at Wolverhampton St Peter Joseph LATCHFORD & Hannah SAVIDGE by licence. Could he have had yet another wife?? Also 11 August 1775 at Wolverhampton St Peter Joseph Latchford, bachelor, minor, son of Joseph LATCHFORD, & Jane NORTHWOOD, spinster by licence. There is also the burial of an Ann LATCHFORD at Wolverhampton St Peter on 14 February 1755.

It might be well worth your while subscribing to the Family History Online site as there are quite a few LATCHFORD burials shown in Staffordshire/Warwickshire in the time line you are interested in.

Hope this helps.


Ken Boyce
15-06-2005, 6:32 PM
FRom the 1791 Universal British Directory Vol 1 - London

London Directory 1791 - Page 207

LATCHFORD John Bridle Bitt-maker 8 Little St. Martin's Lane

LATCHFORD John Bitt-maker 386 Oxford St

Ken Boyce
15-06-2005, 6:58 PM

From the London PO Directory 1819
Annual Directory 1819 Page 204

LATCHFORD Edwd Bridle-bit (&Etc?) Maker 12, Lit. St Martin's Lane

LATCHFORD J Bridle, Stirrup & Spur Manufacturer 36 Piccadilly

These are the earliest London Directories that I have Both are published on CD by Archiev CD Books