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12-03-2011, 12:45 PM
Hello. I am looking for information on Robert Rand. who would have been born in the mid 1680's . in 1710 he lived in Ambrosden in Oxfordshire. were he lived with his wife Jane and his sons William and Robert jnr. they also had a son John who was born in 1715 and died 1716. William also died in 1712. i have looked for a birth for Robert Rand . and a marriage for Robert and Jane but have had no luck .there is no birth record for William either. i think Robert snr could have come from the Netherlands there seems to be a lot of Rands in the country. could some one point me in the right direction to begin looking for him . where do i start. any help would be gratefully recieved. thank you.

12-03-2011, 5:07 PM

Do you have some specific reason for thinking Robert was from the Netherlands, other than the fact that the trail has gone cold? If not, I would concentrate your search closer to home for the time being.

I see from Oxfordshire County Council's 'Heritage Search' website (which includes some catalogues from the Oxfordshire Record Office) that there was a Rand family in Fewcott going back at least to the 1670s. Since Fewcott (then in the parish of Stoke Lyne) is very near Ambrosden, it may be worth investigating whether your family is related to theirs. There's a Christopher Rand, for example (dead by 1707), whose widow was called Parnell.

The Oxfordshire Family History Society's pre-1837 marriage index may help you identify other places where there were Rands, and so decide where to focus your research. Also check probate indexes: there are printed indexes to wills proved at Oxford (two volumes for pre-1733, and one for 1733-1858) and online indexes to wills proved at the Archbishop of Canterbury's Court (the PCC); these are on the Documents Online website. Indeed I see that the will of a Nicholas Rand of Somerton in Oxfordshire was proved at the PCC in 1599 (you can download this for 3.50 from Documents Online, or see it free at The National Archives). It is much too early to connect to your family at this stage, but it does prove that there were Rands in that part of Oxfordshire going back at least to the 1500s! So don't pack your bags for the Netherlands just yet:)

12-03-2011, 6:09 PM
Thank you very much for your reply . Robert Rand jnr was a carpenter in Kidlington Oxfordshire . from 1735 to 1768 when he died. all of his decedents all lived in Kidlington. it is Robert snr and his wife Jane i can't find. i will take a look at Fewcott . thank you .