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24-08-2010, 5:50 PM
hi im posting because of the great response ive seen here to other gibraltar messages .

my john brock married a catholic gibraltar girl in 1861 (from an australian birth cert) her name was
annie - anne - isabella annie - annie isabella
galeia - gelase - gelese ? ? from her irish childrens births
she was born 1846 (from censuses)
they had two sons william brock 1864 and john brock 1866 in gibraltar . (dates from censuses)
the mother could not read nor write so her surname was spelt phonetically in all of her childrens births .
the father was in royal artillery and lived in gibraltar for seven and a half years .
he did not like his wife using name isabella so she was known as annie .
id like to know is her surname likely to be any of the 3 ive mentioned ive some other spellings as well but close to ones ive given .
ive tried to locate there marriage and sons births by using
familysearch web site and findmypast sub also posted on gibraltargenealogy site to no success .
id really appreciate a shove in the right direction ive emailed and snail mailed some of the churches to not even a no .
isabella was a devout catholic . her husband a protestant .
thanks .

Peter Goodey
24-08-2010, 6:38 PM
1. Have you got his soldier's papers (FMP)?

2. Have you checked the overseas indexes on FMP?

3. If you can't find a marriage in the indexes, remember that they aren't fully indexed so you may want to order a certificate anyway and hope for the best.

isabella was a devout catholic . her husband a protestant .

You don't think there's any chance that the husband might have been a devout protestant?

25-08-2010, 8:19 AM
yes i have half his papers the 2nd half when he leaves english artillery to join limerick millita artillery so no mention of wife or kids .
no sign of 1st half of papers from kew .
his wife baptised the kids into catholic faith he stayed pro till his death just before his death he was baptised by catholic priest so he could be buried in her grave .
ive searched FMP and genealogist web sites cant find marriage or births .
there 3rd child born australia was very informative lots of info but mothers name missspelt .

Peter Goodey
25-08-2010, 9:44 AM
no sign of 1st half of papers from kew

If you let us know what has been searched, we may be able to suggest other sources.

ive searched FMP

So long as you understand that the overseas indexes have not been transcribed and you have to search the documents yourself the old fashioned way.

As mentioned before, not being able to find the names in the overseas marriage indexes doesn't mean that GRO can't provide the certificate because they are not fully indexed. It may still be worth applying to GRO for a certificate.

25-08-2010, 12:02 PM
Hi Obbie

I know you've seen my other Gib posts so I won't repeat that general info here.

In terms of where best to find info I do have a few options.

I will ask my mum about surnames, she is over in Gib at the moment anyway. I might also ask her to run over to the cathedral if she is bored one day because that is the most likely place to find the records you are looking for.

I do think it's important that you understand though, if the marriage was conducted as a "civvie" marriage, there won't be a record of it in the overseas marriage indexes (unless something has drastically changed since I last asked) and you will need to go direct to the BMD offices in Gib (details in my other info posts). If the marriage was done as an army wedding though, you should be able to get the details from the sources in the this country.

I will also look at my census CD when I get 5 minutes. I have a teething baby at the moment though, so it might take me a while!!

Any idea of other family members? Isabella is a pretty common name in Gib!!


26-08-2010, 10:47 AM
i had s sub to FMP couldnt find anything , then i got one to thegenealogist site just in case no luck .

my mother has the "impression" that annie-isabella was from a well to do naval family .
she the spanish lady had some link to malta , possible parents from there ?
having a different spelling on all her childrens births certs isnt helping , the fact spanish lady couldnt read nor write makes me think she was from poor family i mentioned this to my mam she got quite defensive told me maybe she couldnt read nor write english .
that was me firmly put in my place !

as her children were all reg for births in gib australia and england and ireland im hoping the two boys are reg in church records in gib ,
she was very insistant kids brought up as catholics , so im assuming "hoping" she insisted on marrying in catholic church .
ive emailed some churches they just got bounced back , ive written to two last year no response .
from the australian birth cert i got dates of two boys births and marriage date .
extended family got in touch with genealogist in gib payed up front havnt herd from the genealogist since .

so id hoped id made some error in searching and somone could rub my nose in it .
thanks for replys