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09-05-2005, 10:42 PM
I am "stuck" in rural Warks , not far from Worcs border and parishes, circa 1750; my great x 4 grandparents were married in Sheldon, Warks, in 1789.
Unable to trace great x4 grandfather's birth in warks. But in earlier times (1600s and 1500s), Bolus/Bolas families existed in Oldswinford, Halesowen and other Worcs locations; so I think my ancestors are back there. Just a slight question of tracing them the short distance from Warks to Worcs):):
Any help please ????? TIA Ron Bolus

Peter Goodey
10-05-2005, 8:23 AM
In the 1881 census, there's a particularly strong concentration of the surname in the Meriden Poor Law Union. The runner-up is Shifnal, Salop.

Even after making some allowance for the large population movements in the 19th century, there is a strong suggestion here that you might do well to concentrate your search in parishes in the Meriden area.

If unsuccessful, it probably wouldn't be very fruitful to work eastward, say. Better to head in a north westerly direction towards Shifnal.

13-05-2005, 1:09 AM
Many thanks Peter for taking the interest----it is much appreciated. Sadly, by the time of the 1881 Census, my direct ancestors had been in the Staffs town of Willenhall for most of that century. No doubt the Bolus surname survived in and around Sheldon, Meriden (and all those parishes that I have searched) for many years ....up to the present day. But my interest lies solely in the early 1700s in that region of Warks, around Sheldon, Meriden, nearby parishes.
As for the Salop Bolus surname (usually BOLAS always there---including 2 villages named BOLAS), they seem to have no link whatsoever.....at least as far back as the Middle Ages; they are an old family name in Salop, going back to the 1200s (that I KNOW of----including a "Keeper Of The King's Deer " in that county.Later they had a Lord mayor ; and an MP in the 1700s).
Alas, my Bolus family in Warks ( rake-makers,wheelrights, ag labs, etc) are much more elusive. I am lost around the turn of 1700 in Sheldon and area----which is a pity cos I think I can pick them up again in 1600s Worcs, just over the border, and I'm sure they are the same line. But how to prove it !
Thank you so much for your interest-----and if you find anything in the early 1700s.....):):): regards, Ron