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09-05-2005, 9:54 AM
I'm trying to trace the Bytheway, Portman and Moseley line who lived in Dudley, Holly Hall & Netherton. I can trace the Bytheway family back to Edward 1806 (married Mary Pinnock) and some of the family line via William 1835 (married Alice Brasbury) and Thomas 1839 (married Elizabeth Green). I can trace a little of Joseph 1843 (married Ellen Skett) but have very little on Edward 1837, Esther 1833 and Lydia 1844.
I can trace the Portman line back to Solomon 1831 (married Esther Lymer) and have details from Alice 1890 (married Howard Bytheway) but know very little of Emily 1880, Esther 1878 and Sophia 1857 other than Sophia was Solomons daughter from his first marriage to another Sophia?
I can trace the Moseley line back to Joseph 1833 (who may have married Eliza Cooper?) and have details from Hannah Maria 1860 (married Samuel Bytheway) but I don't know much else.
Anyone who can help fill in any blanks I would be really grateful and if I have info that might help anyone else, please do contact me. If there are any living potential relatives I would love to make contact!
Many thanks everyone

12-09-2005, 12:57 AM
No connection with any of these families, but do you have them in the 1841 census? Have found Edward + Mary + family.