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Happy Jackie
10-06-2010, 1:50 AM
My husband's grandfather, Wilhelm Stanislous Parias was born 25 Oct. 1867 in Germany. His wife, Wilhemina Auguste Pauline Shumann, was born 3 Oct. 1870, in Posen, Germany. They lived on a farm in Saskatchewan. Family tradition says that Wilhelm was born in Alsac Lorraine when it was Germany. Wilhelm and Wilhemina came to Canada but never learned to speak English. Wilhmina's parents were Karl Schuman, born: 8 July 1834 in Germany (ship's records) and Caroline Louise Eschmann, born: 16 July 1837, Schwersens, Posen, Prussia. Caroline's parents were: Carl Eschmann and Anna Elonora Hoffman. Karl and Caroline came to Canada with their daughter and son in law, residing for a short time in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada but soon returned to Germany. The grandchildren of Wilhelm and Wilhemina remember a large picture in their front room of a young German man beside an airplane. They were told he was a hero in the First World War. Although I was able to compile a large variety of records pertaining to their farm in Saskatchewan and their immigration on the ship S.S. Angloman that sailed from Liverpool on 11 June 1896, plus 1901 and 1910 Canadian census records, I have been unable to find any additional information. My biggest problem, of course, is my inability to read German. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or further knowledge of any of these families, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanking you in advance.