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02-04-2010, 11:13 AM
I understand Gwent Record Office has the "Newport and St Woolos Burial Board Records"
Reference code(s): GB 0218 A1103
Dates of creation: 1853-1868

Would anyone be kind enough to look up John Syner who was buried in April 1864? He lived in Newport although his inquest was held in Bristol. I am trying to find out where he was buried but not found him in Bristol.

Thank you


20-06-2010, 9:05 AM
I struck out with these records which weren't held by the Gwent RO despite what the internet says. I note his widow Louisa's death was recorded in Newport in 1870. Are there any Newport MIs available?

20-06-2010, 10:05 AM
Are there any Newport MIs available?There are these (http://www.parishchest.com/shop/index.php?cmd=viewproduct&cat=&id=P89355&pageOffset=0)...... :smile5:

21-06-2010, 4:01 PM
There are two Municipal Burial grounds in Newport one on the east side of the river at Christchurch and the other is confusingly called St Woollos cemetery. The registers for these burial grounds are kept at the office in the St Woollos Cemetery. Gwent FHS were all set up to transcribe the registers but then the Council decided it should be done by "professionals". When they got the estimate of the cost they quietly shelved the project. Gwent FHS intend going back to them and trying again.
In the mean time you should look on the Newport Borough Council Website for their cemeteris section and contact the holders of the burial registers. They do charge for looking for burials but I don't know how much.