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Cheryl Phillips
12-10-2004, 8:19 PM
Any information and/or occurrances of ABBS gratefully received. Queries are also welcome and I am also in contact with other family members researching their own branches. All areas of Norfolk wanted and covered.

15-10-2004, 9:03 AM
You'll find a few hundred ABBS/ABBES/ABBYS/EBBS entries on the Norfolk Transcription Archive

They include a few entries in one of the most beautifully preserved documents that I've used - the Muster and Vaulation for the Hundred of South Erpingham.
Dated 1522, the original document is in The National Archives doc. ref E101/61/16.

The entries of intrest for in this document are in Buxton and Cawston.

Buxton Valuation:
Thomas ABBES the elder, land valued at 12 Pounds, Goods and Cattle at 9 Pounds
Thomas ABBES, the younger, land valued at 26 shillings 8 pence, goods and cattle valued at 20 Pounds.

Thomas ABBYS 'nihil in valore' (nothing of value)

Cawston Valuation:
Nicolas ABBES, land valued at 20 shillings, goods and cattle valued at 20 Marks

The valuation was followed by the Subsidy of 1524, when tax was paid based upon the above assessments.

If you are not too sure about interpreting the above information, drop me a line and I'll type an explanation.

Charlbury, Oxfordshire

Cheryl Phillips
15-10-2004, 4:18 PM
Thanks for your reply. I was told about your site when I first started on the ABBS in Norfolk. What a treasure trove it is. I can thoroughly recommend your site to anyone looking for people in Norfolk. I also pass on the web site onto other ABBS researchers. Thank you for replying to my message.



15-11-2004, 9:42 PM
I am new to this site and I haven't read everything properly yet, but I thought I would let you know that I saw the name Abbs and it rang a bell.....I am looking into Deary and Dix from around Trimingham and Gimimgham, possibly even Erpingham.

I seem to recall as a kid, the name of Abbs being mentioned and just recently (or several years later if you like!) I'm sure my cousin's research threw the name up again....(I will check with her asap) anyhow, I think it was a Reverend Abbs who was 'very close'....(whatever that means) to a Dix or a Deary....in fact the conversation we had was very much along the line of do we have a secret Abbs in the family.

It may be of use...regards Alan

16-11-2004, 1:52 AM
Any information and/or occurrances of ABBS gratefully received. Queries are also welcome and I am also in contact with other family members researching their own branches. All areas of Norfolk wanted and covered.
upto last month I lived in Reepham, Norfolk which had a Squire Abbs as a fairly well documented resident around the turn of the 19/20th cent.
Squire being his name rather than rank.


Cheryl Phillips
16-11-2004, 10:34 AM

Sound interesting. Will make a note to look into this one. If you come across any more information please let me know.



Cheryl Phillips
16-11-2004, 10:37 AM

I have been transcribing the GRO indexes for ABBS and have not yet found this person. Will look into this one.



Mary Young
18-11-2004, 9:37 AM
Hi, Cheryl
My stepfather, William Clarence Ebbs, was born 1900 in Yorkshire. His father, Christopher Ebbs was born Palling, Norfolk, in 1871. I think the family moved to Yorkshire for work in the ironstone mines round Skinningrove.
I haven't researched the family at all. But do you know Mike Ebbs? He is researching Ebbs, seems to be concentrating on people in North of England.
Good luck with your research ;)

Cheryl Phillips
18-11-2004, 11:41 AM

Thank you for your message. I have been in contact with Mike Ebbs and we have found only a few Abbs changing to Ebbs and back again. This happened a lot in the Swanton Morley parish records.

Thank you


13-12-2004, 8:57 PM
I was just browsing through one of my books, 'The History of Horstead with Stanninghall, Noroflk' by Percy Millican (publ. 1937). It contains a few references to the surname ABB(E)S.

On the off-chance that you don't have the detail, I've typed the entries below:

Page 94:
"Heggatt or Haygate is a hamlet lying in the parish of Horstead, to the south-east of Coltishall bridge..............In 1513 (5 Henry VIII), Robet CRITOFT, then owner of a house now known as Heggatt Hall, sold it to Thomas ABBES of Buxton. In 1565, the Wardes of Gorleston, Suffolk, made their first appearance in Horstead, for, at that date, Richard WARDE puchased this house of Peter ABBES, one of the sons of Thomas. The purchase included fourteen closes adjoining to the west and south-west and the whole conatined about one hundred acres."

a footnote adds "The Abbes pedigree is printed in the Visitations of Norfolk published by the Harleian Society."

I'll post the other main entry on another message, to avoid duplication.


13-12-2004, 9:08 PM
Page 115, of The History of Horstead records:

Horstead House (formerly called Hallbergh)
"In 1514 (6 Henry VIII), Agnes DEY and Walter her husband, surrendered Hallbergh to teh sue of John Marsham, Alderman of Norwich, Thomas ABBES, senior, of Buxton, John SALLE and Henry BERD.
In 1523 (15 Henry VIII), a partition of the estate took place, by which Marsham parted with his share to ABBES.
Circa 1538 (30 Henry VIII) Thomas ABBES, senior, died, having appointed Henry BERD and John SALLE executors of his will by which he gave to his widow, Anne ABBES, the life enjoyment of the estate (which included lands, etc., in Buxton, Brampton, Oxnead, Marsham, Hevingham, Stratton, Horstead and Stanninghall) with remainder to James ABBES, one of his sons, on his attaining the age of twenty-three years; and in the event of James failing to attain this age, then the Horstead portion of the estate was to pass to Richard ABBES, another of the testator's sons.
James ABBES died before reaching the specificed age; and Anne, his mother, died circa 1565. At a court held in 1566, Richard ABBES, who was now copyhold tennant surrendered the property to the use of Richard WARDE of Gorleston who had already purchased the Heggatt estate. This surrender was confirmed in 1567 by Andrew ABBES, another of the sons of Thomas and elder brother of Richard."

Charlbury, Oxfordshire

27-09-2010, 12:54 AM
Any information and/or occurrances of ABBS gratefully received. Queries are also welcome and I am also in contact with other family members researching their own branches. All areas of Norfolk wanted and covered.

Hi Cheryl,

I have Abbis ancestors in CAMS at Swavesey & Landbeach in the late 18th century - Thomas & Lydia Abbis who married in 1775 at Knapwell. I do have the baptism of each of their known children but I do not have the burial of both Thomas & Lydia Abbis or the baptism of Thomas Abbis.

If your one name study does have any information on this couple, no matter how little, I would be happy to hear from you.

Otherwise, if you are interested, I will be happy to submit the full details of the above to you to include in your database.

During the very early 1800s I have a surname variant of Habbis.

Kind regards