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18-04-2005, 11:40 PM
This is a HUGE subject. I am interested in who was there, why, when etc. I thought it would be interesting to add things about the Workhouse as and when they are discovered. To start us off.....

Wadhurst Parish Burials

Esther Ford 16th June 1850 workhouse aged 88

In 1841 Esther (75) and her husband Richard (70) were living in Cousley Wood.

William Cheal of Ticehurst Workhouse April 3rd 1856 aged 74

If this is the same William Cheal - he was a Grocer in Wadhurst in 1841.

William Cavey of Ticehurst Union Workhouse February 14th 1858 aged 42

In 1851 William is living with Mother Rhoda. He is a Butcher and they are living at one of the several Little Durgates Cottages. If only we could work those cottages out...

In memory of William CAVEY who died * March 1846. Also Rhoda, his Wife, who died * 18**. And of William, Son of the above, who died * 1858

I have loads more 'inmates' I will add as I find them.

19-04-2005, 10:08 PM
Sussex Express [sorry no date on this]
A child burnt to death in the workhouse - an inquest was held by Mr N.P.Kell,Esq.,coroner for the rape of Hastings, at the workhouse, on Monday last, on the body of Hannah Mercer aged 7 years.
George Aldred, deposed that he was brought back from a game of cricket at Flimwell, last Saturday, and on his return found the child lying on a bed in the women's room, very much burned, she said to me twice, "Oh dear, master, Ellen Golding burnt me," she died about three hours after.
Sarah Kemp, schoolmistress, deposed that at the time she left the children in the day room with their bread and butter, she had not been gone three minutes before she heard screams, going back she found decaced with her clothes in flames; she had run into the open yard, and was running about. A woman caught up a gown, threw it round her, and extinguished the flames. She told them not to move when she left.
Hannah Relf, aged ten years, deposed that the deceased and Ellen Golding put their bread on the bars; deceased's
fell off; she went to the fire to get it up, and her clothes caught fire, did not see Ellen Golding do anything to her, Ellen had come away, and told deceased to take hers off, and she caught alight in picking it up.
The jury returned a verdict of " Accidental Death"


19-04-2005, 10:36 PM
Sussex Express February 6th 1891

Ticehurst - A Costly Pauper

A woman named Mary Baldock, aged 83 years, died last week in the Ticehurst Workhouse. It is believed that she was born in the Workhouse, at Wadhurst, where she remained ever since. Her cost of maintenance is computed at 900.

19-04-2005, 11:07 PM
Hannah Mercer (4) and Ellen Golding (5) both appear in the Workhouse in the 1851 census. Hannah doesn't show up on Freebmd but Ellen does - born 1845 and sadly died 1857 (assuming it is her)
Hannah is there with brothers Alexander (12) and James (7)
Ellen is with widowed mother Mary (32) sister Elizabeth (7) brother francis (4) and 1 month old sister Mary. (hmmm- perhaps need to check bastardy records for this one?)

So Hannah probably died 1854-55.

29-04-2005, 7:29 PM
K& S Courier Aug 28th 1903

The Board of Guardians will , at their next meeting on the 10th September next in the forenoon, accept tender for the supply of (lists various things included bread,meat,tea, soap, coal, drapery,shoes and boots... etc ) fresh butter and eggs from local farmers period to be covered 8th Oct to 30th mar 1904
By order of the guardians
signed J.C. Lane Andrews,
Union Offices Wadhurst,
13th August 1903

If nothing else this would confirm a "workhouse office" somewhere in Wadhurst

29-04-2005, 7:44 PM
Thats interesting. I found the following on the 1901 census
ANDREWS John Head Married 47 Solicitor

living with his wife and children at Kirkstone which is somewhere near Ingoldsby Cottages down Faircrouch Lane way.

I wonder if it is him?

29-04-2005, 9:06 PM
The second row of cottages on the right, just under the railway bridge going towards t/well, I may be wrong, but are they called Union Cottages?