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30-12-2009, 7:52 AM
b. of Kildare,Ireland
m. 3 MAR 1840 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland
to Mary MCDERMOTT b: of Kildare,Ireland
present at their wedding: Thomas Barry & Catherine Lube
Margaret LEDWITCH c: 14 FEB 1841 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland sponsors: John Ohara & Catherine Lube
Bridget LEDWITCH c: 30 AUG 1843 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland sponsors: Christopher McDermott & Mary Spring
Mary LEDWITCH c: 22 FEB 1846 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland sponsors: James & Etty McDermott
Catherine LEDWITCH c: 19 NOV 1848 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland sponsors: John McDermott & Bridget McCann
Peter LEDWITCH b: 20 APR 1850 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland c: 23 MAY 1852 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland who were his sponsors? to America circa 1880
Patrick LEDWITCH c: 1 APR 1855 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland sponsors: Patrick Deering & Mary Deering
Anne LEDWITCH c: 23 SEP 1860 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland

Griffith's Valuations
Cloncurry parish
Fanaghs twp map reference
Peter Ledwitch b
William Lube, Esq. 7a
John McDermott a
Denis Lube, Esq. 10ab

Bridget m. 25 AUG 1867 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland present at wedding: Richard McCormick & Mary Flinn - Knockanally
to James Mulloy
Mary MULLOY b: 1 NOV 1871 in Johnstown,Kildare,Ireland
Eliza MULLOY b: 29 JUL 1873 in Johnstown,Kildare,Ireland sponsors: Richard Madden & Bridget Reily

Peter came to America by 1880, where he married Elizabeth/Louisa McEvoy and they setttled in Lima, Ohio and raised a family there. I have never succeeded in finding them in the 1880 census, but have them and their family from 1900 forward (the 1890 having been destroyed by fire and lack of forthought)

Patrick m. 3 NOV 1867 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland
to Bridget McCann present at wedding: Charles McGuire & Mary Flyn - Fannagh

Ann m. 16 AUG 1874 in Kilcock,,Kildare,Ireland
to Patrick Monahan

I know nothing more about this family. not the inlaw's names, not the spouses birth dates or places, not the parent's birthdates or real places of birth, nor most of the descendants-only Peter's descendants in America.

I've never bought certificates for the family, or got church records, I haven't had the funds to do so. a very kind man who was transcribing the Kilcock registers (I hope you are still out there and well, I no longer have a valid email for you) sent me the data I have on the rest of the family.

Peter was my late husband's mother in law's grandfather, I still am in contact with her and still take broad swipes at her genealogy now and then...

we'd love to hear from living cousins and to expand the genealogy beyond were I am at.

thank you.