View Full Version : Bedford Archives (BLARS)--Brilliant Service

18-12-2009, 3:51 PM
I don't know whether this is the correct place for this sort of post but I just wanted to praise the fantastic service I have had yet again from the Bedford & Luton Archive & Record Service.

I sent an e-mail at 10.58 this morning requesting a look up of a marriage and the death of the husband in the post 1812 registers, and received an e-mail reply at 12.48 with details of the marriage, the death of the husband AND the baptisms of the 2 children of the marriage.

For a very modest fee, paid over the phone by credit card, copies are in the post.

I've had fantastic service from them before, especially on a week's visit there many years ago, but this turn round time leaves me speechless. I didn't expect a substantive reply before Christmas.

They certainly get my continued vote for the best archive service around.