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03-04-2005, 4:02 PM
I am requesting a look up for the Thorpe/Thorp family living in Eston around 1861.
Father; ?
Mother; Jane born about 1826 in Sedgefield, Co Durham
Children; George born 1854, Bradford
Ruth A born 1857, Eston
Richard born 1861, Eston

It is the identity of the father, that i'm trying to find. Jane is head of the household and a widow on the 1871 census.

Thank you, Rachel.

05-04-2005, 1:37 PM
Hi Rachel

I think I have found your Thorp family in Eston 1861, however the mother is not Jane: -


1 Cross Road, Eston
Matthew Thorp, head, m, 32, Iron Stone Miner, Barnsley Yorkshire
Sarah A Thorp, wife, m, 28, ,Bradford Yorkshire
Elizabeth A Thorp, dau, u, 8, scholar, Bradford Yorkshire
George Thorp, son, u, 6, , Bradford Yorkshire
Ruth Thorp, dau, u, 3, , Eston Yorkshire
Richard Thorp, son, 2m, , Eston Yorkshire

Perhaps sometime during the 1860s the children were orphaned, and Jane became a kind of foster parent? I checked for any other Thorp/Thorpe families in Eston, and only came up with one that did not match your family. There was no Jane Thorp there either.

Hope this helps.


05-04-2005, 7:21 PM
Thank you very much Jason, I think maybe Sarah died before the 1871 census and Matthew got married to Jane, then he died. I can't find a record of his death or marriage to Jane, but I have now found the marriage of Matthew and Sarah Pickles (Pickles is the middle name of their son Richard).
Your info also answers a family puzzle; my great-grandfather was the son of Ruth Thorp his full name was George Richard Matthew and we have always wondered where the name Matthew came from and now we know!

Thank you again,