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03-04-2005, 2:23 AM
William Howkins B 1830 & Elizabeth Beesley B 1838
I am trying to find William Howkins who was associated with Abel Beesley
who was a punter.

I have a photo of my my gr grandfather and it states he held the double punting championship in conjunction with A Beesley. I believe that A Beesley was born in 1851.

I have two refrennces of this punting championship
a book " In West Oxford: A historical notes and pictures concerning the Parish of St Thomas the Martyr, Oxford, Published by Mowbray 1928
Page 123
and the other refrence is:
a book One Hundred YEars ago, by eleanor Chance Published by Alan Sutton Pub Ltd. ISBN 0-7509-0252-3. Info on page 20
I have been able to find the second book on a used book site but the cost is prohibitve for me to buy and ship,
Does anyone have any information on this subject that they can help me with or even copies of this book that they can scan the pages I am interested in

04-04-2005, 8:36 AM
There were 3 types of Punt

The normal Punt which is still in use today.

The Racing Punt which was considerably narrower, My fathers was, as I recall, about 18 inches wide and was inherited from my Grandfather who was a Punt Racing Champion at the end of the 19th Century.

The Camping Punt was wider and must have been more than 3 feet wide with Iron Hoops and a Canvas Cover. The last time I used on of these was around 1960. I have photos somewhere from several holidays upriver.

Andrew Walker