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24-03-2005, 7:21 PM
Would appreciate an 1891 lookup for
ALFRED SMITH (birthdate or place not known)
Wife - MARY (ANN) SMITH (b. c1858 Spittlebury (Swindon))
Marriage was in Highworth 1881.
Any details of family and address etc please.


Jo Simpsons
24-03-2005, 8:08 PM
Been looking !

What does this sound like? The Road is full of Smiths!
Pryors Hill ( I think) Wroughton Wiltshire

Alfred Smith,34, Factory Lab, Wroughton, Wiltshire
Mary A, 32, Lydiard Tregoze, Wiltshire
Alfred E, 8, Scholar Wroughton, Wiltshire
Lillian May, 6, ,,
Florence A, 1, ,,
Minnie Vict, 3, ,,

RG12/1581 Folio 149 Page 26

Jo :)

25-03-2005, 6:45 PM
Thank you for that. I'm afraid this has completely blown by research. Have been trying to find the family of one Florence Annie Smith, who would have been 3 in 1891. Thought I had found the correct birth details for her, but obviously not, as she was actually living in Gosport, Hampshire in 1891.
This Florence Annie was aged 1 and still with her parents!
Back to square one - but thanks for your help.

PS: Have looked on her marriage certificate and this shows father as
Could anyone kindly look to see if this name can be found on the 1891 Census?


Jo Simpsons
25-03-2005, 6:58 PM
As you will know there are loads of Smiths :D What i gave may be wrong, do you know any occupations? May help to narrow down a bit.

Jo :)

25-03-2005, 7:26 PM
I have just found JUDE SMITH in 1881 Census - occupation Maltsters Labourer - have also found his marriage in 1885 - Wife's name possibly JANE (YOUNG) - he is the only JUDE SMITH coming up in 1881 - could you possibly see if he is on the 1891?



Jo Simpsons
25-03-2005, 7:37 PM
Theres one in Wiltshire, St Martin
1 Young Cottages
Jude Smith, 42, Brewers Labourer, Winterbourne Wiltshire
Jane, 35, Ebbsbourne, ,,
Ernest, 4, Salisbury, ,,
Eva, 2, ,, <<
Daisy, 1, ,,

There is another age 11 in Durham

What have you got for certain? Well as certain as you can get

Jo :confused:

25-03-2005, 8:38 PM
Thanks very much - I think this must be them - all I had to go on was the father's name - I know most of the family on the mother's side were born in Ebbesbourne Wilts so this ties in.


Jo Simpsons
25-03-2005, 9:27 PM
Just feeling a little confused :confused:

Where does Folrence fit in or Alfred and Mary? I really don't want you to set off on a wrong footing or giving wrong info.
Jo :)

25-03-2005, 10:42 PM
Jean and Jo, excuse me for butting in...

Jean, I have just replied to your YOUNG inquiry and noticed this SMITH thread. When I was looking for your YOUNG sisters, I came across the following 1891 household which fits in with both your SMITHs and YOUNGs.

Have you seen this entry? I'm fairly certain this is Maria YOUNG in 1891 after marriage. With her is her little brother James. The family is living at what looks like Blog Farm in Alverstoke Hampshire:

[b]Name / Age in 1891 / Birthplace / Relationship to head-of-house / Occupation
Towner, Philip 37 Shabbington, Hampshire / Hantshaving Head Bailiff
Towner, Maria 36 Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire Wife
Towner, Philip S 13 Stibbington, Hampshire / Hantshaving Son Agricultural Labourer
Towner, Albert H 8 Alverstoke, Hampshire / Hantshaving Son
Young, James 22 Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire Lodger Agricultural Labourer
Smith, Florence A 3 Salisbury, Wiltshire Visitor

Source information: RG12/878
Registration district: Alverstoke
Sub registration district: Alverstoke
ED, institution, or vessel: 5
Folio: 102
Page: 15


30-03-2005, 7:30 PM
Trish and Jo

Thank you both for your interest and just to explain the connection.
Jo, I am afraid Alfred and Mary turned out to be a wrong turn.
Jude Smith was actually Florence Smith's father.
Florence was living with her aunt Maria, who was actually Downer (not Towner).
I have only just discovered the connection with Young is that Maria and her sister Jane (Florence's mother) were both born Young.
I have now managed to get a lot further back than I had ever thought I would.

Thanks again.