View Full Version : 2 Cousins and some stories in 2 weeks

09-08-2009, 8:25 PM
Well for some reason on my dads sides i havnt found many links with other people on either the Roylance side or the Spence and i hadnt looked at my tree for a month or 2 i went to it last week and there was a message from a man doing research on Sale Church asking to ring him up. so gave him a ring and he was telling me loads of stuff i never knew about The Spences aparently the were Monumental stone maisons had had mad alot of the Headstones in the Chuch and said that they had moved there from Barwick in elmet and had built the house they lived in and the street (Barwick house, Barwick place) he told me a few other things. After i had fineshed on the phone i went looking and found the family members he referd to. Two days went buy when another lady contacted me about them she turned out to Be a distant Cousin and she was in contact with another Cousin so have been talking to them both filled in loads of details in my tree and im planing to meet up with them in the future :D,And i have manage to break down a wall i have been stuck on fo ages (85% sure) Peter Roylances (1814) Parents, all of this happend in the last 2 weeks so im very happy :D

09-08-2009, 9:09 PM
That is super terrific Spaceman!! You better check you mail more often :D

It is always nice to hear other people's stories of good fortune in finding out facts instead of fiction (although gossip is good!). None of my lot have done anything magnificent or otherwise, so it is fun to read about other people's connections and the finding of living rellies. Good job |hug|